Tuesday, June 6

IMSS: How can I know what my registered salary is?

The Mexican Social Security Institute (IMSS) is one of the institutions with the greatest presence in the country on health and social protection for Mexican workers since its foundation in 1943.

The function of the IMSS labor law is to provide tranquility and stability to Workers and their families in the face of any of the risks specified in the Social Security Law.

However, some beneficiaries of this scheme do not know if their employer or company registered them with the minimum wage.

How can I know what my salary is registered with the IMSS?

You must first check the IMSS page or go to their offices to confirm that you are registered with the current salary and that the details of your beneficiaries are correct.

To get the information, you need to have your CURP and social security number (NSS). Later, in the Certificate of Validity of Rights, you will know if your registration is valid, what your employer’s data is and which clinic corresponds to you.

You can even consult this information in your account statement.l Infonavit o in the Afore to which you signed up.

If you are registered, it is important that you check if you are registered with the salary you receive. It is important that the employees are registered with the real salary so that the contributions to the Infonavit and the Afore are beneficial in the long term.