Friday, March 31

In 2008, Adanero demanded that a UPN deputy hand over his minutes after skipping the voting discipline

Fourteen years ago, in 2008, the Union of the Navarrese People (UPN) experienced an internal crisis similar to the one that broke out this Thursday on the occasion of the validation of the labor reform in Congress. On that occasion, the dispute was also caused by a deputy who skipped the voting discipline, to whom Carlos García Adanero demanded that he return his minutes for having disobeyed the order of the party executive to abstain from voting on the General Budgets.

Sayas and Adanero, from the UPN youth to the threat of expulsion after the betrayal in the labor reform

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UPN and PP had signed a pact in 1991 by which the PP disappeared in Navarra and its members, among whom was the promoter of the agreement, Jaime Ignacio del Burgo, joined UPN as affiliates and asked for the vote for the regionalists in the regional elections, while in the general elections, the UPN deputies gave their support to the PP. The pact was blown up in 2008 when Miguel Sanz, in an attempt to approach the PSOE in search of a broader majority in Navarra, asked his two deputies, Santiago Cervera and Carlos Salvador, to abstain from voting on the Budgets Generals of the Government of Zapatero, for which the PP had presented an amendment to the totality.

Sanz’s decision, in addition to culminating in the rupture of the agreement with the PP, generated an internal crisis in UPN, after one of its two deputies, Santiago Cervera, refused not to go hand in hand with the popular and voted in against budgets. After the decision, UPN, as it has done now with the two rebel deputies who skipped the voting discipline in the vote on the labor reform, demanded that Cervera hand over his act as deputy. As ‘Diario de Navarra’ recalls, it was Adanero himself, a member of the UPN executive in which he is still waiting for the guarantee commission to decide on the proposal for expulsion from the party, who criticized Cervera for of the party’s vote is decided by the internal organs and not by each deputy. “The direction of the vote of the UPN positions in all the institutions is decided by the internal organs of the party,” Adanero reproached Cervera, whom he invited to return his minutes if he did not agree with the decision made by the party’s presidency. .

“The positions that have been chosen to go on the UPN lists are bound by the decisions made by the corresponding bodies,” he argued then.

Days after the vote in Congress, Santiago Cervera and Jaime Ignacio del Burgo – who defended the deputy’s position – were expelled from UPN for indiscipline. The PP broke its electoral pact with the UPN and Mariano Rajoy ended up refounding the PP of Navarra by reopening its headquarters in Pamplona.

Cervera made the leap to the PP lists, for which he was a deputy until 2012. That year he resigned after being arrested by the Civil Guard in Pamplona for an alleged extortion attempt on the president of Caja Navarra, José Antonio Asiáin, who denounced that someone had anonymously claimed 25,000 euros from him in exchange for not making it public that he was billing Caja Navarra from his law firm for significant amounts of money.