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In Japan, there are slot machines that award processors | Digital Trends Spanish

In Japan, the type system gruel or lotteries, in which you can win prizes thanks to chance, they give for everything. Even, to install what are true processor vending machines, as you can see in the image below and that shows rows and rows of Ryzen model CPUs.

However, this vending machine does not exactly sell Ryzen 5 processors, as can be seen in the photo. Actually, it is a gacha in which the boxes may contain very old processors, both from Intel and AMD.

But logically, the content of each box is hidden from the public eye and the only way to find out what is inside one of them is to pay 1,000 yen, the equivalent of approximately $ 10.

パ ン や ジ ュ ー ス の 自 販 機 に Ryzen
シ ュ ー ル す ぎ る

& mdash; Nullpo (ぬ る ぽ) / Nanas (@ Nullpo_x3100) August 27, 2021

Once the box is removed from the machine, what you get is just a matter of chance, as you can touch a newer processor (first generation Ryzen) or several older second-hand processors. As an example, a user posted on social media that he obtained a pair of Xeon and Athlon processors using one of these machines:

中 身 は Xeon と Athlon 、 ま ず ま ず。 ま あ こ れ は 道 楽 ガ チ ャ 3 回 ま と め て バ ー ジ ョ ン と 考 え れ ば。

と り あ え ず 1/2 の ハ ー ド ル は ク リ ア。 当 た っ た ら 一 台 組 む よ (フ ラ グ)!# パ ウ も り あ げ 隊

& mdash;て っ き り め そ… (@Lord_Yuzuriha) August 28, 2021

According to the store at the one where the vending machine is installed, the boxes may vary over time because they are recycled boxes that are given a new use. In this case, the boxes correspond to Ryzen 5 or Ryzen 7.

In Japan, games with mechanics gacha or gachapon they are very widespread, both in the real world and the virtual one. Popular video games even in the West, such as Genshin Impact, They base their business model on this system but similar machines are also common but for other types of products, to which recycled processors are now being added.

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