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In search and capture a suspect of several murders in Bilbao who used a dating app between men to meet his victims

A man between the ages of 20 and 40 suspected of murder is being searched for and arrested for being “whereabouts unknown” for months and being immersed in a double criminal investigation in the Bilbao courts, according to judicial sources. Both procedures, in which the crimes have initially been classified as “homicide”, are under summary secrecy and, despite the commotion that has arisen in recent days around them, there have been no recent developments.

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The origin of this double investigation is a previous work by the Ertzaintza to try to determine if a series of deaths of middle-aged men initially registered as natural and known since autumn in Bilbao are actually crimes that are related to each other. This police force also sent an alert some time ago to the National Police, the Mossos d’Esquadra and the Navarre Provincial Police to review whether similar cases that may have occurred in their respective jurisdictions could be equally linked.

The security forces are looking for a man who allegedly knew his victims through a dating application called Wapo and who could have drugged them to rob them. Since ‘The mail‘ will publish some details of this case –it refers to four confirmed victims and another two or four more under review, depending on the sources but the only official data is that there are two open cases for homicide in Bilbao– the Basque Government’s secrecy , the Department of Security and the Ertzaintza is maximum.

The need to preserve the confidentiality of an ongoing investigation is alluded to and none of the extremes that have transpired are even confirmed or denied. Patrolmen from Bilbao have not received instructions or information about what happened or about the suspect and the Palace of Justice does not know the circumstances surrounding these actions.

The mayor of Bilbao, Juan María Aburto, is one of the few who has spoken publicly. He has asked for time for the investigation to be completed. “He has to run his course. We cannot generate an alarm without knowing the data or that it can be said that there are serial killers in Bilbao or things like that. We are going to let the investigation take its course and see what it gives of itself, ”he said on Cadena SER. The councilor-spokesman of the Basque Government, Bingen Zupiria, refused to give information in this regard to questions from journalists.

Police and judicial sources confirm that there is a suspect and that they have been trying to locate him for some time. In these months, an undetermined number of deaths considered to be natural have been reviewed and, in the toxic analyzes of the corpses carried out ‘a posteriori’, traces of inhibitory substances have been located.

The possible common element of all these deaths is that they had maintained a relationship with the same person, the investigated person, whom they would have met through the mobile application and whom they would have invited to their respective homes. The investigation reached that conclusion, according to ‘El Correo’, when the family of one of the victims denounced that the bank movements in the accounts of the deceased had continued.

Since it is a person from outside Bilbao and with links to other areas, an alert was launched to other bodies to locate possible connections in case the suspect had acted in the same way there. However, he has been “whereabouts unknown” for some time, according to judicial sources.

This investigation in Bilbao –and the succession of sensational information that is already accompanying it– has taken the city back to the months after the arrest of Juan Carlos Aguilar, known for running a gym on Máximo Aguirre street and who He pretended to be a Shaolin monk. In his case, two murders were confirmed – two middle-aged women – and he was sentenced in 2015 to 38 years in prison for the brutality of the events.

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