Sunday, August 1

In search of the cool vote

President Pedro Sánchez has given such a kick to the board, to his own board, that everything seems to indicate that we are already starting a long electoral career. Yes, the elections will be in 2023, but it is already known that the campaign has to start earlier, much earlier if possible. And also, if you have an unlimited budget, the better. We must go for reelection.

Sánchez leaves with a huge deficit derived from the pandemic and its catastrophic consequences, as will Emmanuel Macron in France for the presidential elections next year, or other leaders shaken by the unexpected health debacle of the century, which implies a depth load of unpredictable consequences electoral. But it also starts with an economic advantage, the advantage that European funds give it. There is a queue to receive the mana. Brainy reports have previously appeared in Moncloa that certify the worth of the plans that request, for their development, the support of European funds to be distributed by the Government. Of course, the plans have their seal of digital quality, green, sustainable or wrinkle-free, whatever it takes.

But now the need for a new label seems to arise, that of youth. Refrain old or over 50! The new label is young and cool, we could say, chupiguay. For chupiguay, some may think, we already had Díaz Ayuso. But in those we are, in taking Ayuso the label of the chupiguay youth. Sánchez highlighted it in the presentation of his new government, and he did so up to five times in the speech.

“The new Executive supposes a generational regeneration since the average age will be of 50 years in front of the 55 years of the previous Executive”.

“A team that receives a great boost to undertake a fair recovery, bringing youth and closeness.”

“I want to highlight the incorporation of young men and women of extraordinary value.”

“In addition to a change, it is a very important rejuvenation of the government team.”

The new Executive must respond “to the demands of the youngest.”

It is not known what is behind this youthful eulogy, but surely it is necessary to track down indicators of vote intention to draw an accurate conclusion. The Madrid elections had a devastating effect on the Socialist Party and this has caused fear and trembling in the future. All the polls, including that of the CIS, anticipated a favorable youth vote for the PP in the community of Madrid in the elections abruptly called by Díaz Ayuso. This fact was confirmed during the Madrid electoral night with the presence of numerous young people in the celebration of the victory of the popular, who cheered Ayuso.

The demographic calculations indicate that the support of young people for the PP in the community of Madrid in recent years, those of the presidency of Sánchez in Spain and those of Díaz Ayuso in the Community of Madrid, has gone from 12% to 29%. Also More Madrid has experienced an increase in the youth vote, but less accentuated than the PP.

Against this background, Sánchez causes catharsis. You have to purify, you have to renew, you have to rejuvenate. And it lowers the average age of the government from 55 years to 50 years. He could have lowered it to 45, but the Minister of Universities, who breaks the average with his close to 80, does not belong to him, so he escapes the crisis but causes an excessive increase in the average governmental age. Sánchez himself is spared by a hair, with his 49 years. Is that age is a problem if we place it as a key element for the formation of a government, because a young minister of today is old and dispensable in a couple of decades, although he has gained in experience.

And what of the youth, some not so young ask themselves, is it the key to good government? One, in his naivety, thought that the key lay in the program, what some politician of race like Anguita, repeated: “Program, program, program.” That is to say, we elaborate a political program and we try to carry it forward to its last consequences, or we negotiate with whoever has to negotiate to be able to adapt our program without losing the essence.

Well no, now it turns out that what matters is youth. Over 50, abstain. There are almost 12 million citizens to whom a dangerous message seems to be sent: We do not count on you. And that, only up to the retirement age if we consider it to be 65 years old and according to INE data. From that age there are many millions more, many pensioners, but these, in terms of this new average governmental youth age, we consider definitely outside the political scene. Let them go to Benidorm. But in Benidorm, and in the Benidorm on duty, the PP gets angry at the pilgrimages, and dances whatever it takes with the pensioners so that they don’t forget to vote for them. This is the problem of democracy: a woman, a vote, a man, another vote, and you have to sow well and then reap better.

It is clear that the actual retirement age is relative today. Precisely a member of the Sánchez government, the already tall José Luis Escrivá, 60 years old (another who breaks the average, mecachis!), Is determined to make his fellow citizens work well beyond their old retirement age of 65 years. Politicians who have far exceeded that age are called to complex and essential tasks for their country. Just look at the United States, a president of almost 79 years. You will tell me, he compensates with a much younger vice president just in case, in case he has to be replaced. But it is that Kamala Harris, the vice president, is almost 57 years old, nor could she serve in this new and young Spanish government. Of course, the head of the US economic system, the all-powerful Secretary of the Treasury Department, Janet Yellen, who turns 75 in August, has been discarded outright.

And what about the essences of power in the European Union, with a president of the European Commission, Ursula von der Leyen, who in October turns 63, and a president of the European Central Bank, Christine Lagarde, in age in retirement, 65 years old, both with a career of many years ahead of them.

In Germany, the European economic locomotive according to the media, its economy was in the hands of Wolfgang Schäuble from 2009 until the recent 2017, when he left it at the age of 75.

More item. In Italy, in the midst of a political crisis, the President of the Republic, Sergio Matarella, at the age of 79, called this year to preside over the Council of Ministers, and incidentally to try to solve the country’s economic problems, through a general agreement. of political forces, to Mario Draghi, 74 years old next September.

In the most populous country on the planet, which surfs between communism and capitalism, the general secretary of the Chinese Communist Party and president of China, Xi Jinping, just turned 68 years old in June. In 2018, the central committee of the Communist Party decided to reform the constitution to eliminate the two-term clause, so Xi Jinping will be able to remain in office.

I mean, youth is important. But, experience is essential. The mettle, the character, are necessary. That beautiful Catalan word, seny, it is something essential in politics, much more than youth. If someone is a political artist and has preparation, leadership skills, mental capacity, mettle, measure, knowledge, and a clear and grounded vision, and also only 30 years old, go ahead with him, the youth will give him an added boost that, with age is decreasing. But trusting everything to youth is like trusting everything to an Armani suit or an extraordinary handling of Tik Tok.

With the one that is falling, it is not advisable to neglect that value that those over 50 years of age suppose, it is not advisable to neglect, in reality, any age group, more in a society in which the population pyramid has long been that way, a pyramid, a fearsome barrel that predicts difficult times for the country’s demography. There are also millions of voters to be attracted. More than the average age of the rulers, it is convenient to promote the average of their management capacity, adequate knowledge, leadership and mettle or, as the RAE says in its definition of the latter term, the energetic strength and serene courage to face difficulties and risks.

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