Friday, November 26

In streaming ‘war’, Disney loses to Netflix over ‘disappointing’ subscriber numbers

Netflix outperformed Disney in terms of market value for the first time since last year, after the amusement park owner’s earnings stoked concerns about a growth slowdown of your subscribers in your streaming business.

A 27 percent advance since the end of July has high market value of Netflix to $ 291 billion. The Disney’s market value dropped to about $ 288 billion after shares fell 9 percent on Thursday.

While the increase in Netflix subscribers has benefited from successful programs such as The Squid Game, subscriptions to the Disney + streaming app fell short of Wall Street estimates on Wednesday night.

The owner of the Disney World theme parks has made the family streaming product his main focus of growth for the next few years.

For Morgan Stanley analyst Benjamin Swinburne, streaming is key for the Disney investment case. Its overweight rating “is based on the view that Disney is one of a small list of global streaming platforms that can achieve significant returns and scale.” But you don’t see that that’s discounted in stocks yet.

Wall Street is generally more optimistic about Disney what of Netflix. About 78 percent of analysts have buy recommendations for the former and none recommend selling their shares, while 73 percent recommend buying Netflix and five suggest selling their titles.

The actions of Netflix trade at an increasing premium to that of Disney, according to him Wall Street’s preferred valuation indicator, the business value for projected earnings, excluding costs such as interest and taxes. Netflix’s corporate value of roughly twice Disney’s is discounted from projected EBITDA, according to Bloomberg data.

The premium is due to a gulf in the amount of revenue companies generate per streaming subscriber, according to Geetha Ranganathan, a senior analyst at Bloomberg Intelligence. Netflix customers bring in nearly three times the average monthly revenue of Disney + subscribers.

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