Tuesday, November 30

In the fight for the metaverse, Roblox has a plan to conquer the education sector: teach by playing

Zuckerberg has shaken the metaverse tree and dozens of projects that were crouched in its branches have taken flight. Following Nvidia’s plans or Microsoft and the timid references of Google in this regard, the last company that has revealed any of its plans for this new internet frontier has been Roblox, one of the platforms that has gained more ground at the moment in the digital universe that Facebook intends to dominate.

Roblox’s plan to get a piece of the coveted metaverse pie is to bet on the education sector, as revealed by the company al Wall Street Journal. To do this, it has made an initial investment of 10 million dollars to develop three video games that teach robotics, space exploration and engineering concepts, computer science and biomedical sciences.

The amount, modest for the figures that move in the technology sector, is significant because It is the first time that Roblox has invested in the development of video games for its platform. Until now, it had limited itself to providing its users with a digital universe and tools for creating games and other recreational activities.

In any case, Roblox will not directly develop these three educational video games, but will finance the projects in charge of creating them, run by nonprofit organizations like the Boston Science Museum. All three games will launch next year on the platform and will be aimed at high school, high school and college students.

Beyond the positioning of its platform as an educational space in the metaverse, Roblox’s intention is also that students continue to use it when they are done interacting with educational games, in such a way that they consume products and services.

Roblox has been offering its users the ability to explore and create digital worlds, collect resources, buy items, and create games in their virtual world for years. And, more recently, he added options for paying events such as concerts or art exhibitions on the platform.

The path opened by Minecraft

With this investment in educational video games, Roblox will follow the path opened by Minecraft Education Edition, a version focused on teaching that Microsoft launched in 2016 and that allows teachers to create custom projects on different subjects for your students to learn while using a platform they usually use to play.

Minecraft was by no means the first video game that he tried to teach while playing, but it was the first great entertainment platform that offered hundreds of possibilities for teachers to create educational digital games of a very diverse nature. Now Roblox sets out to snatch you out of business in the metaverse. We’ll see what Microsoft has to say about it.


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