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In the midst of post-Brexit crisis, Boris Johnson says “controlling immigration” will lead to “high wages”

Britain is heading for “an economy of high wages, skills and productivity,” Prime Minister Boris Johnson said on Wednesday. In the midst of a supply and labor crisis that already affects all economic sectors, Jonhson has admitted that the changes in the economy after leaving the European Union will be “sometimes difficult”, but has assured that he will use the ” Brexit freedoms to do things differently. ”

Beer, butter and fish and chips: Boris Johnson’s burlesque campaign amid post-Brexit chaos

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“We are not going to go back to the old, broken model of low wages and productivity. The answer is not to go back to rampant immigration to keep wages low, but to control immigration and not use it as an excuse not to invest in workers, machinery or in facilities, “Johnson said in his speech to the Conservative Party congress.

The prime minister has stressed that “immigration cannot be used as an excuse for not investing in the people, skills and equipment or machinery they need to do their jobs” and has attributed the current problems of scarcity of labor work and shortages due to lack of investment by entrepreneurs. “For example, service areas are needed so that truckers do not have to urinate in the bushes,” he added.

“This is the direction towards an economy of high wages, skills and productivity, and therefore low taxes, which is what this country deserves,” said Johnson.

“We are tackling the major underlying problems of our economy and society,” said the conservative leader, whose party has been in government since 2010. He insisted that this change “should have occurred long ago” and has assured that they will address ” problems that no government has had the guts to tackle. ”

“That’s what people voted for in 2016 [referéndum del Brexit] and in 2019 [elecciones generales de Reino Unido]”, the prime minister stressed.” We are going to fix the economy and rebuild better, “he said, referring to his new star motto,” Build back better. ”

The Tory leader has assured that, had it remained in the European Union, the United Kingdom could not have formed the new alliance on security matters with the United States and Australia, AUKUS. He also highlighted the agreement with the US to accept British beef. “Build back beef,” he joked.

“Big opportunities”

In recent weeks the government has emphasized “controlling immigration” and presents the high demand for labor as an “opportunity” for the British.

“The more than one million job openings in the UK job market offer great opportunities,” Treasury Chief Secretary Simon Clarke said last week. This Tuesday, the Minister of the Interior, Priti Patel, announced the tightening of the conditions to obtain refugee status or enter the United Kingdom in an irregular way, to the cheers of the militants of the Conservative Party.

However, given the shortage of carriers and the shortage of gas stations, the Executive ad This Sunday, the 300 temporary visas for tanker truck drivers from the European Union were extended until March 31, 2022. Until this Tuesday, only 127 had applied for them. Meanwhile, about 200 British Army soldiers began this Monday to transport fuel to gas stations to alleviate the shortage.

The government has also offered 4,700 temporary visas for food transporters until the end of February and 5,500 permits to poultry workers until December 24, ahead of the Christmas season.


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