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In these countries you can walk without a mask on the street | Digital Trends Spanish

The whole world has been fighting the coronavirus pandemic for more than a year. The application of vaccines and the long period that we have spent in quarantine, has motivated some governments to “relax” certain sanitary measures.

One of the most popular is to eliminate the obligation to wear masks abroad, an interesting trend that is adding more and more territories.

One of the last countries to adopt this measure has been France, where it is no longer mandatory to wear a mask from this Thursday, June 17, in open spaces.

The truth is that there are already several countries that have decided not to force their inhabitants to wear a mask while driving on the street. Spain could be added to this group, which announced that it will consider eliminating its obligation in a future council of ministers.

“We are going to propose to Spanish society that the mask is not mandatory in free spaces as of next Saturday, June 26. Our streets, our faces will regain their normal appearance in the coming days. We will once again enjoy a life on the street without masks ”, has been the reflection of Pedro Sánchez.

One of the first countries to opt for this measure was Australia, which appears to be one of the most successful in the fight against the pandemic.

Thus, the nation began to relax measures from January and only the state of Victoria has had to return to confinement due to outbreaks of the virus.

For its part, the United States has ruled that citizens who have already been vaccinated do not have to wear the mask when they are outdoors, unless they are in crowded spaces and surrounded by strangers.

Other countries that have abolished the obligation to use masks outdoors have been the United Kingdom, Israel, Poland, Hungary, Portugal and Belgium.

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