Monday, January 24

In year-end purchases, the person who offers the shortest delivery time wins, according to an Oracle survey

2021 has been another year with great changes in the lives and behavior of people around the world, and commerce has been quite impacted by the radical change in people’s consumption habits.

A global survey conducted by Oracle Retail shows some consumer preferences regarding their holiday shopping. The survey interviewed 5,728 consumers globally in September 2021, of which 1,568 were Latin American.

And despite the fact that the pandemic has hurt many businesses around the world, many companies have managed to gain space in the digital realm to face the challenge of staying among the various competitors.

In this way, the company that is able to better adapt to changes in customers to meet their needs wins.

One of the most notable changes noted by the survey is that consumers have become much more impatient when waiting for a purchase to arrive.

56% of respondents say that delivery time is what will define which retailers will be chosen by consumers in the future. In turn, 46% reiterate that unexpected delays in receiving requested goods or services will harm the shopping experience, while 39% claim to be attracted to brands and companies based on product availability.

Another big change in buyer behavior was the growth in product returns, where 43% of people plan to make a return if they consider it necessary, while 20% say they plan to return half of all gifts they receive. . And 63% of those surveyed say a bad experience with the returns process means they won’t buy from that retailer again.

The pandemic was also a factor analyzed by the survey.

It is evident that consumers feel a little more secure and confident when shopping in person, but not as much as before the pandemic.

78% of consumers already feel comfortable shopping in a shopping center and 80% of them would buy outside of it. Regarding online purchases, 45% of consumers still plan to use the internet to make their main purchases, 2% less than last year.

For Kristian Sánchez, MD of Oracle in Central America, “Technology is essential to help companies adapt to these new changes. With it, it is possible not only to improve customer service, making their service more personalized, but also to improve the logistics of the company to keep up with the needs of its consumers, who are increasingly demanding and immediate in relation to their purchases. ”.