Wednesday, July 6

Incredible find in neighboring galaxy: a circular ring | Digital Trends Spanish

The large Magellanic Cloud It is a satellite galaxy of the Milky Way that has generated multiple astronomical discoveries in recent times, and now it was researchers from the University of Western Sidney who found a strange cosmic formation: a circular ring.

This phenomenon could be the first known case of a intergalactic supernova remnant: remnants of an exploded star that could be up to 7,000 years old.

Published in the prestigious magazine Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Societythe main author, Professor Miroslav Filipovic of the Faculty of Sciences of the University, said the discovery It was exciting.

“When we originally discovered this almost perfectly circular radius object, we thought it was another ORC (Odd Radio Circle), but after our further observations it became clear that this object is much more likely to be something else,” Professor Filipovic said.

The discovered ring has significant differences from the other five known ORCs: a flatter radius spectral index, the lack of a prominent central galaxy as a possible host, and a larger apparent size, which suggest it may be a different type of object.

“The most plausible explanation is that the object is an intergalactic supernova remnant due to an exploded star residing in the outskirts of the Large Magellanic Cloud that had undergone a single-degeneracy Type Ia supernova involving the explosion of two stars. orbiting each other,” he said.

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