Monday, March 4

INDEC will announce the construction activity for November

The industry registers significant improvements in its level of activity, having reached a consecutive year of expansion in October.

The year-on-year growth in the tenth month of the year was 8.3 percent and accumulated a progression of 37.9 percent since January.

The reactivation had a strong impact on the hiring of labor.

In September the sector had reached 382,646 registered jobs, 70 thousand more from the floor that was registered in May 2020, during the most restrictive period of the pandemic.

The perspective revealed last October by the companies in the sector regarding the personnel employed in the future, showed that 72.7 percent indicated that there would be no changes, 16.4 percent trusted an increase, while 10.9 % understood that it would be reduced.

In the expectations declared by companies that are mainly engaged in private works in the latest report of the national body, 63.7 percent of them expected that the level of activity would not change during the next three months, while 23, 6 percent had indicated that it would increase and 12.7% that it would decrease.

While the firms oriented to public works, 60.5 percent believed that the level of activity would not change during the November 2021-January 2022 period, while 30.3 percent maintained that it would increase and 9, 2%, which would decrease.

INDEC will also release the November industrial manufacturing production index and the 2020 national survey of large companies this week.