Monday, January 17

Independentists, PSC and comuns support that the CUP deputy does not lose his seat until the final sentence

ERC, the PSC, JxCat, En Comú Podem and the CUP have agreed this Thursday to maintain the seat of the third secretary of the Parliamentary Board, Pau Juvillà, disqualified this week by the Superior Court of Justice of Catalonia (TSJC), until there is a “final judgment” from the Supreme Court confirming the six-month disqualification from holding public office.

“There is no cause of incompatibility on Juvillà or any other circumstance that affects his status as a deputy of the Parliament”, reads the text approved this Thursday in the Statute Commission of the Deputy of the Chamber, who has received the votes against Vox, Citizens and PP.

The Parliament tries to shield thus, for the moment, the seat of Juvillà, waiting for the Electoral Board of Lleida to rule on the request of Citizens so that the CUP deputy has to leave the seat already despite the fact that the Supreme Court does not has confirmed his conviction.

The intention of Ciudadanos is for the Electoral Board to apply in Juvillà the doctrine that already forced the former president of the Generalitat Quim Torra to leave his seat in Parliament before the Supreme Court confirmed the conviction of the TSJC for the same crime, disobedience, in a case also related to a refusal to remove yellow ties from a public building.

At a press conference prior to voting on the opinion, Juvillà has not advanced what he will do if the Electoral Board orders the withdrawal of his seat before having a final ruling, although he has said that “new scenarios” are being worked on to “maintain the sovereignty of the Parlament “.