Saturday, December 10

Inditex saleswomen take to the streets in A Coruña to ask for a salary increase: “We don’t make it to the end of the month”

Dependents of the Inditex stores have taken to the streets this Sunday in A Coruña to demand salary improvements. “We are tired of not making ends meet,” they protested at a demonstration in which workers from all the brands of the textile group participated, called by the CIG union.

The conveners assured that salaries are frozen and pointed out that store clerks, almost all women, are the ones with the lowest salaries within the group. The CIG delegates indicate that the company agreed to open a negotiation in the province of A Coruña, but they consider that the proposals it put forward are “totally insufficient”, for which they called the demonstration. “We do not demand more than to have a decent salary and conditions as there are already in other companies of the group”, they add.

Representatives of the CIG explained that they consider that the conditions are worse in the stores due to the hours, which “make conciliation extremely difficult”, and because the shop assistants do not have recognized social improvements that do apply to the workers of the rest of the group, such as aid for the care of minors and relatives, for the acquisition of books or the voucher-dining room.