Thursday, December 9

Industrialists raised with Kulfas and CGT the need to turn consumption towards SME products

“Let’s not forget where we come from. We started with interest rates of 80%, 90% that have been reduced and that today allow access to different financing. Let’s go with a clear course which is that of production and work ”, he recalled.

For its part, Marcelo Fernandez, President of the General Business Confederation of the Argentine Republic (CGERA), stressed the importance of “discussing how to make the wage increases that we are granting to workers return to SMEs, which are the main creators of employment and the that will drive the economy in the post-pandemic ”.

The representative of the businessmen also pointed out the relevance of the salary being competitive for the acquisition of products in general and not only of food, since “more than 95% of industrial companies do not belong to food and its marketing channels.” “That is why we need consumption to return to those of us who pay the workers’ wages and create jobs,” he added.

The Secretary General of CGERA, Raúl Zylbersztein, stated that “the reactivation comes from the consumption of the workers” but warned this consumption “goes towards primary consumption and we are left without being able to benefit from that consumption”. “We have to think about how we do SMEs to capture these salaries,” he added.

In addition to the members of CGERA, executives from the General Economic Confederation (CGE) were also present, representing industrialists. On the workers’ side were several representatives of the General Labor Confederation (CGT), such as its General Secretary, Hector Daer, the head of the Textile Workers Union, Hugo Benitez, the head of the Metallurgical Workers Union (UOM), Antonio Caló and Pedro Bergaglio, Speaker of the House of Sweater.

Caló said that “when we discuss wages we discuss consumption” and asked to debate “where the effort of the worker goes.” “I would like workers who earn metal wages to buy metal products and not just food,” he said.

Likewise, Bergaglio highlighted the government’s policies to promote reactivation after the pandemic by stating that “we are investing and we will continue to do so because the model guarantees us work.”