Monday, August 8

Industrias Panamá Boston doubles its storage capacity

Contributing to economic reactivation, job creation and strengthening the supply chain are some of the positive impacts for Panama of the recent expansion of the storage and distribution capacity of Industries Panama Boston.

It is an investment superior to $500,000, qIt consisted of duplicating the footage destined for warehouses, automating processes such as inventory management, in its facilities strategically located in the South Park Logistics Center.

For this expansion, Industries Panama Boston counts as a strategic ally the multilatina company with extensive experience in comprehensive logistics solutions, LTA group.

On the occasion of the opening of the expansion of the wineries, the general manager of Industrias Panamá Boston, Carlos Ortiz, stressed that parallel to the manufacture of excellent quality products, the ability to efficiently distribute to all corners of the country has characterized the company’s operations, and that, aware of the new challenges posed by the increase in consumer demand for more demanding, it is essential to strengthen all logistical aspects.

“Now we have 6,500 square meters of warehouse and a capacity of 2,500 stackable pallets only in Parque Sur, with which we cover the metropolitan areas, Panama East, San Miguelito, Panama West and Colón, Darién and represents 70% of our operations. We have two more agencies: One in Aguadulce that covers Azuero, Coclé and Veraguas, and in the city of David, which distributes in Chiriquí and Bocas del Toro, which cover 16% and 14% respectively, ”Ortiz explained.

The occasion was attended by the general manager of Grupo Numar, Fabio Guerrero, who recognized how the investments being made in Industries Panama Boston They contribute directly to the revitalization of the region’s economy.