Wednesday, February 21

Infections continue to skyrocket in Catalonia and ICUs exceed 400 patients

Covid-19 cases are still rampant in Catalonia, hospitals are increasingly full, the primary school serves record numbers of patients and the risk of contagion rises exponentially.

Magda Campins: “Without drastic measures in Catalonia the situation in a few weeks was one of sanitary collapse”

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In the last 24 hours, 24,006 new positive cases have been registered in the community and the risk of re-emergence has reached a record high: 2,526 points, 497 more than yesterday. In the last 24 hours, 31 deaths have been reported (24,484 deaths since the beginning of the pandemic).

The healthcare pressure, which began in primary care, has also reached the critical care units and wards of Catalan hospitals. There are already 404 patients admitted to ICUs in Catalonia, five more than yesterday, and the barrier of 500 patients is getting closer and closer, which means having to postpone even interventions considered urgent (the majority of non-urgent activities are already is postponing).

46 patients have been admitted to hospital floors in the last 24 hours and 1,503 people have already been admitted to hospitals in Catalonia. Some large hospitals in the Barcelona metropolitan area, such as Bellvitge, have already restricted all visits “due to the worrying epidemiological situation.”

The tests carried out during the last week also indicate a high rate of positivity: 15.63% of all tests were positive. The accumulated incidence at 14 days goes from 1,358.2 to 1,513.37 cases per 100,000 inhabitants.

Primary care centers continue to serve large numbers of patients and are collapsed. According to data from the Department of Health, yesterday 60,000 people were treated in these areas. The record of people treated in one day was 48,000 patients as of Monday. “It is 25% more than at the highest moment of the pandemic,” said Ariadna Mas, director of Primary Care, on the Rac1 station this morning. “The numbers are brutal.”

The Department of Health estimates that cases and incidence will continue to rise for at least two more weeks. The current figures do not yet reflect the infections that will be registered by the Christmas and Sant Esteve celebrations (on December 26) nor has there been time for the restrictions that came into force last Friday to have taken effect.