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Infiltrated agents, surrounded La Vaguada and notices to parents to avoid macro-bottles in Madrid during the bridge

Neither the Madrid City Council nor the Government Delegation want to have breakfast again with the images of the last three weekends, in which thousands of people gathered in parks and squares to drink alcohol in the street until late in the afternoon. the early morning, without safety distances or masks. This weekend, which forms a bridge with the Pilar festival next Tuesday, they will be used to the full to prevent macro-bottles in the capital with a huge deployment of troops.

Macrobotellones every weekend in Madrid despite the police deployment

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Municipal Police and National Police will divide the city into zones. The latter will be in charge of the surveillance of Parque del Oeste and Ciudad Universitaria, two of the places that have gathered massive jugs with altercations during September and so far in October. And local agents will take care of the rest of the capital. The distribution was advanced this Thursday by the Security delegate of the City Council, Inmaculada Sanz, although the Government Delegation will explain the details of its plans this Friday.

For the part that touches the City Council, the total deployment will be more than 700 Municipal Police officers, almost 350 more than usual. The nearly 400 who patrol during the weekend shifts will be joined by the more than 200 who, since the beginning of September, have established special surveillance devices in conflictive places in the Centro district and in some urban parks. In addition, a hundred agents will be assigned to the Barrio del Pilar, which this weekend hosts several concerts on the occasion of its patron saint festivities.

In this area of ​​the Fuencarral district, the City Council will create a police fence around La Vaguada Park, the place that will host the activities. You will not be able to access this room with alcohol and it will be necessary to pass the controls of the agents to be within this green area. The Salamanca district also organizes its parties in the Eva Perón park, although no special action has been reported in this regard.

A relevant part of these new agents, the younger ones, will be infiltrated to locate the places where the macro-bottles are held and facilitate their eviction. The City Council avoided offering its exact number out of caution: “It is also not advisable to give too much data,” Inmaculada Sanz justified this Thursday to raise too many clues to those who seek to commit crimes in these situations.

Guardian agents to notify parents

The Madrid City Council assures that it will support the deployment with “drones, the canine section and the cavalry squad” and that the units will have guardian agents, to activate proceedings in the case of alcoholic commas of minors. If they occur, they will be in charge of transferring each case to the Juvenile Prosecutor’s Office and informing their families of the proceedings. This is intended to reduce the presence of adolescents in these large bottles, which has been increasing in recent weeks, police sources report.

In addition to all the aforementioned actions, the Municipal Police will establish fixed patrols in squares of the Center such as Pedro Zerolo, in Chueca, or Dos de Mayo, in Malasaña, where the problems of alcohol consumption and noise have not stopped at any time since the end alarm status. A strategy that has sometimes served for the bottle to have moved to other nearby squares.

The objective of all these plans is to avoid events like the one last weekend in Parque del Oeste, where “thousands of people” (according to the City Council) staged major altercations between 2.00 and 4.45 in the morning, with breakage of glass of cars, bus screens and vandalization even of a Bicimad station.

Despite the increasingly constant police presence, noise disturbances have not ceased throughout the summer and so far this autumn for residents of the areas that suffer from large bottles. The complaints are maintained or increased, while the sanctions for bottles have fallen by almost 20% from June to August, according to data compiled by Somos Madrid among the statistics published by the City Council. During this period, 12,769 fines for this concept were imposed on the streets of the capital, compared to 15,863 registered in 2020.

In the Community of Madrid it is forbidden to drink any type of alcoholic substance in the street, at any time of the day. In addition, from 10 pm, supermarkets and convenience stores cannot sell spirits. Those in charge of sanctioning for doing so are the Municipal Police officers, who can impose fines of 600 euros (500 in the case of minors) for alcohol consumption on public roads. The first one can be forgiven for cleaning work.


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