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Influencer has been eating raw meat for at least 80 days | Digital Trends Spanish

An Instagram influencer, who has just over 86,000 followers, performs an “experiment” that involves going on a raw meat diet.

“I am going to eat raw meat from Whole Foods every day until I die of bacteria,” he says on his Instagram profile called Raw Meat Experiment.

At the close of the edition of this note, the influencer has been consuming raw foods rich in protein, such as beef, fish and eggs, for 81 days.

His Instagram is full of posts in which he is seen chewing steak over and over again, as well as eating several whole eggs from a glass.

Since humans discovered fire and cooking food, an event that is estimated to have occurred between 1.8 million and 400,000 years ago, we have evolved so that our stomachs are capable of digesting cooked meat, while our teeth have adapted to chew meat gentle.

However, none of these verifiable scientific facts are enough for the influencer to change his mind and stop eating raw food continuously, a practice that could even lead to his death for the reasons he himself satirises.

Eating raw meat would cause an infection by bacteria such as Salmonella, E. coli or Yersinia.

According to data from the Center for Food Safety and Public Health at Iowa State Universitythe mortality rate from an infection of Salmonella can reach 20 percent. In other words, the influencer is doing something stupid.

Also, by eating foods such as raw meat and eggs, you could develop diseases such as hyperaminoacidemia (excess amino acids in the bloodstream), hyperammonemia (high ammonia levels), hyperinsulinemia (abnormally high insulin levels) and other more earthly conditions, such as diarrhea .

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