Thursday, December 9

Influencers’ live video sales will reach $ 100 billion in 2024

With the pandemic, the expansion of the use of this modality reached all audiences, and brands, eager to capture the attention of consumers, expanded its use.

“It is a format that brands are adopting and implementing very quickly because it is accessible to any type of company,” said the creative director of Surhive Design, Juan Pablo Parody, adding that “the entire audience is online and channels such as Instagram, Youtube o Facebook became indispensable to keep in touch with their audiences by informing, entertaining and even selling. “

The Chinese e-commerce platform, Alibaba, is one of the benchmarks for the use of this sales modality, and released this week that only in February 2020, the worst moment of the Covid 19 pandemic in that country, the use of Its livestreaming e-commerce platform registered an increase of 719%.

“This Alibaba sales strategy is also an entertainment product that includes celebrities singing and driving, not only in person, but also in virtual mode, who become great hooks for people to make the decision to purchase a product” , considered the executive director and co-founder of Facturante, Lorena Comino.

Regarding the advantages of this format, Comino highlighted: “The first great advantage is that it takes full advantage of the hot sale, which is the most sought after moment, increased in the pandemic due to the increase in time and the number of people browsing online platforms “.

It is also a bidirectional sale, which unlike the well-known telesales, in this model there is a round trip interaction with the potential buyer: the seller can make live demonstrations and add testimonials, the buyer can ask questions and evacuate doubts; which allows to increase the conversion rates.

The executive added that the format is “accessible to companies of any size, since there are different tools that can be used for free: YouTube, Instagram, etc., unlike teleshopping, where space is very expensive.”

“Social networks will continue to be an essential communication channel for brands, and for e-commerce, it will undoubtedly be too. Creativity will be one of the attributes to stand out in this universe ”, added Parody.

“In Latam it will be important to have the necessary tools to ensure a good live broadcast and thus not lose the“ wow ”moment that is what generates the purchase. At this point, connectivity is key, not only for the seller, but also for the buyer. Another challenge is to recognize what is the best use that can be given to this type of strategy in each business ”, added Comino.

Meanwhile, from an industry more linked to presence as is tourism, the marketing manager of TIJE Travel, Luciana Tittarelli considered that “it may be a format that in Latin America comes to stay in all industries, being complementary to the formats with which the brands we already use “.

“Consumers today more than ever spend a lot of time online, and much of that time is watching social networks, it is easy to be able to show what you want to sell, and tell the audience everything we have to say about the product or service in the same space, “he added.

The manager remarked that “the key is to give good content to the audience to generate community. Therefore, we always recommend creating quality content, pieces that encourage viewing from the beginning, generate interaction with viewers, streamline resources, re-edit videos The immediacy and interaction are points in favor of this format, which other communication channels do not achieve. “