Wednesday, January 19

Infrared videos of couples having sex: the victims of A Maruxaina bring new evidence to the judge

The victims who denounced the appearance on porn pages of images of themselves urinating in the street during the A Maruxaina pilgrimage have not stopped pulling the thread and the case continues to include affected parties. They have just found on websites with similar content two videos of more than an hour each in which couples appear having sex at this party and at another held in Pravia, Asturias, the Xiringüelu. Three days ago they were brought to the attention of the Viveiro investigating court, which is continuing with the case since the Lugo Provincial Court reversed the initial decision to archive it.

Paloma, affected by the videos of A Maruxaina that ended up on porn websites: “We want something to be done against those who profit from this”

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The lawyer for the complainants, José Manuel Oliveros, explains that the videos are mounted and collect images of different couples in beach areas without lighting. Those who made the videos held the devices themselves to make the recordings. In some of the cuts, he says, the comments of those who are taking the images are heard. According to the lawyer, three voices are distinguished: two male and one female. At one point, one of these people even moves to touch the leg of one of the girls they are filming and can be seen partially. Oliveros believes that this information will help to identify the perpetrators and will make it possible to investigate whether they are the same as the images of women urinating in the street.

The videos are sharp and are recorded with night vision cameras and at very close range, just a couple of meters in some cases. This makes it possible to clearly distinguish several of the faces – in other recordings the victims come out on their backs. At the moment, the people who appear in these videos are not identified. The victims who located these pieces on porn sites have decided to take them before the judge because they have been taken in the same pilgrimage, although it remains to be determined if it was also in the year 2019. Until now, there is no evidence that any has also been recognized in these cuts, according to Oliveros. In the other recording, in which couples also appear having sex, they identify the parties that are celebrated in Pravia.

The investigation of the Maruxaina case continues and the judge has ordered that various proceedings be carried out. With the images that gave rise to the first complaints, it has been possible to determine that one of the devices used to make the videos of women urinating was installed in a car parked in the area and that the victims used precisely to hide from other people’s eyes. This vehicle belongs to a company that rents them, to which the judge has asked to identify who rented it on those dates, at the beginning of August 2019. He has also addressed the Cervo City Hall, where San Cibrao is located, the town where the pilgrimage is held, so that it provides information on who requested to enter that area on those days. At the time of the festivities, circulation was restricted in the place.

The court has asked the different countries where the pornographic websites to which the images were uploaded are hosted to provide the IP addresses from which the videos were sent. The judge has called 32 of the women who reported the events to testify on different days in January, February and March 2022.

The investigation tries to determine who or who recorded more than a hundred women, some of them minors, while they urinated in the street during the A Maruxaina festivities, in San Cibrao, in the A Mariña region. The victims went to an alley out of sight to urinate and several devices located at strategic points took images in which both the face and the private parts of the women are clearly visible. Subsequently, they were uploaded to websites. Around 80 of those who recognized themselves in the captures filed a complaint, but Viveiro’s investigating court number one decided on two occasions to dismiss the case, considering that there was no crime because it was in a public area. The Lugo Provincial Court, however, ordered the investigation to continue.