Saturday, February 24

Innovative system will help simulate accidents with satellites | Digital Trends Spanish

The US Space Force will use a digital twin to simulate a series of accidents that could occur with satellites. For this, it will resort to the company Slingshot Aerospace, which is developing a virtual simile of space.

This system will combine a physics-based model with real-time mapping of objects to help the Space Force simulate various situations and plan a response well in advance.

In this way, the digital twin of space will help mission teams decide how to react to a possible collision between these artifacts. The Space Force could also use this simulation to design safer and more efficient satellite constellations.

The company signed a 39-month contract for $25.2 million dollars to carry out the Digital Space Twin. Although there are still years to go before the model is finished, its objective is to help avoid disasters that put the different missions that are sent into space at risk.

This deal would also allow Slingshot to conduct a pilot program that makes a lab simulation platform available to Space Force training and educational programs, which include Military Basic Training, the National Space Security Institute and two training squadrons. .

Thus, the military branch of the United States Space Force could also make use of this digital environment, especially to prepare for possible threats from countries with an unfriendly approach to space.

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