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Inquiry into Sanna Marin’s parties says she did not breach her duty as Prime Minister of Finland

The official investigation into the private parties of the Prime Minister of Finland, Sanna Marin, has cleared her of having committed abandonment of functions or negligence in office. The Finnish Chancellor of Justice, Tuomas Pöysti, has ruled out that the leader breached her duties during these events, as the country’s right-wing parties and conservative media accused her two months ago after several videos emerged in which she appeared at parties Private with friends.

Hillary Clinton shares a photo at a party to support Sanna Marin: “Keep dancing”

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The head of Justice, in charge of supervising the legality of the actions of the Government and the President of the Republic, affirmed this Friday that there is no indication that Marin breached his official duty by attending those parties. “I have no reason to suspect that Prime Minister Marin has acted incorrectly in her official capacity as minister or that she has abandoned her duties,” concluded Pöysti, according to EFE reports, after in-depth analysis of several complaints filed by citizens.

In those writings, Marin was accused, among other things, of not being in a position to hold office for having consumed a large amount of alcohol, without having previously handed over his duties to another minister during the weekends when he was partying. The Chancellor of Justice, however, considers that the complaints did not specify what official work could not be carried out or what specific function was compromised due to the Prime Minister’s behavior.

In the complaints filed, Marin was also blamed for not having behaved in a manner consistent with the dignity due to a head of government. They claimed that his attitude had damaged Finland’s international reputation. The chancellor has reminded them that the obligation of civil servants to maintain good conduct does not apply to ministers, who are directly supervised –and where appropriate, deposed– by the Eduskunta (Parliament).

“It is not up to the Chancellor of Justice, as the supreme authority on questions of legality, to assess the morality of a minister’s conduct or questions relating to his political credibility or the trust he enjoys,” Pöysti pointed out in his opinion.

Marin was also accused of putting the security of the State at risk, having organized a party at his official residence without previously examining the guests. However, according to the chancellor, the official residence of the Head of Government can be used for private events and it is not mandatory for the security teams to check the participants.

Marin, 36, was the victim at the beginning of the political course of a campaign launched from far-right sectors for the leaking of some videos that later circulated through news and social networks around the world. In the images, the social democratic leader appeared singing and dancing at a private party with a group of famous people. The campaign became so relevant that the leader voluntarily submitted to a drug test to deny the rumors, spread by social networks, that she had taken narcotics.

The press soon after published a photo of two of Marin’s friends kissing almost bare-chested at a party in early July at the prime minister’s official residence, a day after attending a rock festival.

The objective of the campaign had an unexpected outcome, at least at the international level. Social networks were filled with women dancing in support of the prime minister. Among them, the former Secretary of State and former United States presidential candidate Hillary Clinton, who encouraged the leader to continue dancing. “As Ann Richards said, ‘Ginger Rogers did everything Fred Astaire did. Only she did it backwards and in heels.’ Here I am in Cartagena while she was there for a meeting as Secretary of State. Keep dancing Sanna Marin,” she tweeted alongside a picture of her dancing.

Numerous international leaders supported Marin on social networks and publicly after the images emerged. Shortly after suffering her campaign in her country, her leader went to the European Parliament, where numerous MEPs surrounded her with messages of support. “I am happy because in Finland a government led by five women has carried out a very progressive policy against the crisis, and has addressed major reforms in Finnish society, on family leave, compulsory schooling in Finland, the pandemic and a historic reform. of healthcare. We are not just women representing one gender, we do real politics, making big decisions, regardless of our gender and our age, ”she said then her.

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