Tuesday, February 20

insensitivity by flag

We all think that the pandemic would make us more human, empathetic and sensitive. However, sometimes the predatory, competitive and ruthless subconscious shows itself in all its splendor. Our civilization, no matter how hard it tries, has not been able to understand the physical disappearance of a loved one and even if the subject is theorized, it is one of those thorns that stick deep and, at most, become entrenched, but do not disappear.

Psychiatrist Elisabeth Küber Ross points out that grief over loss has five phases; We must go through them to heal the pain that the brokenness leaves us. First we deny it, then anger sets in, later we try to manage the situation as a prelude to a depression and, very finally, we accept it, but forgetting almost never happens.

When we lose someone and the loss is irreparable, we are left with a void that removes the most solid. The day my mother left forever, with an ocean in between, the tear was immense. Today, many years later, it still hurts. When my only sister drowned from COVID, the ground just opened up under my feet. Until then, the pandemic had been numbers that made up terrible statistics, also many hours of work looking for a solution from science and many others disseminating the information that came out of the laboratories… in short: hours and numbers.

But suddenly, one of those figures had someone with my surnames, my sister. Then everything took on another dimension. What used to be a cold fact in the immensity of a mortality curve became a fire that consumed me from within. The strength of character of yesteryear was shattered, joy gave way to melancholy, and the will to live became famished. Why am I telling this? you will ask yourself. Because it is important to keep in mind that the duel, the questions to be answered and the reasons for understanding what happened take a long time to resolve. If as a society we don’t understand it we should classify ourselves as insensitive. If as a politician you don’t understand it, I think the position is huge for you.

We are living a new twenties with terrifying overtones and I am no longer talking about wars, viruses and the resurrection of extremes. I refer to the strange alienation that we suffer, he is worth everything to keep us in charge and a long foolish etcetera. Let’s go back to sanity and empathy for the one who suffers, let’s do the exercise of putting ourselves in the other’s skin. Not everything goes when feelings, identity and pain are involved. Let’s burn the insensitivity that has become a flag.