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Instagram allows you to buy products directly in the app | Digital Trends Spanish

The latest chat feature Instagram It has nothing to do with chat topics and everything to do with being able to pay for products through direct messages.

On Monday, Instagram’s parent company, Meta, announced the new pay-per-chat feature. through a tweet.

Now you can make purchases and track orders directly in chats with small businesses on @instagram in the US 🛍

— MetaNewsroom (@MetaNewsroom) July 18, 2022

Essentially, with this new feature, Instagram users can contact a small business through Instagram chat, place an order for a product from that business, and then pay for it all within the chat interface.

According to the official statement announcing the new feature, customers can expect to use the new functionality to “ask questions, make a purchase, and track your order.” Payments are completed through Meta Pay and processed by PayPal. Small businesses can look forward to the new feature allowing them to create and submit payment requests, chat with their customers, and get paid. Payment requests will include a description of the item and a listed price.


Instagram already has help guides on how to sell products using the new Pay Chat feature. Those guides make it clear that sellers must have a business account on Instagram and be willing to provide personal information (such as an address and Social Security number) to be eligible to sell through DMs. Regarding that personal information, Instagram says it’s “required by our payment partner, PayPal. This information will not be visible or shared on Instagram.

It is also worth noting that businesses on Instagram only get paid about three to five days after the product has been shipped to the buyer and payment for the item has been marked as “shipped” by the seller in the app. Sellers have to mark the payment as “sent” (after sending the product) or they won’t get paid.

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