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Instagram announces that it will improve its search results | Digital Trends Spanish

So far, searches on Instagram are not always useful, because it often happens that the results do not exactly match what the user is looking for. But the company hopes to change that and they just announced changes to the search and classification system within Instagram.

Instagram revealed that for some time now they use a keyword scheme (or keywords) similar to that of other search engines such as Google, but that will apply some adjustments to optimize and improve the results that are presented to the user.

These adjustments have to do with three key factors for searches and which are the most relevant for the results. The first has to do with the text that is written in the search box; the second is related to user activity both in previous searches and in interactions with accounts and content.

The third factor has to do with the popularity of a content and the activity related to both the content itself and the account that publishes it.

For Instagram, it is important that searches serve not only to find accounts or hashtagsbut really relevant content. For example, if someone searches for “space”, in addition to showing results from related accounts, it will also show contextual content which, in this case, would be photos or videos of the space.

All these changes will be applied first for Instagram searches in English and once the system works optimally, it will be carried over to other languages.

A new way to share stories

In addition to the new searches -which will reach all the users of the application in the future-, Instagram is testing in some accounts a new method to be able to share previous publications in the stories of an account.

However, this method is more complex than the existing way up to now. Currently, to share a post in stories it is enough to give a couple of clicks in the content to share and that’s it; instead, the new method adds new steps and even, adding a sticker specific in stories.

This change is part of a bigger one that Instagram will have and that will eliminate the action of swipe up for links and replace them with stickers. But as is always the case with these changes, the important thing will be how well (or how badly) the community receives them.

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