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Instagram closes Threads, its messaging application | Digital Trends Spanish

When new applications are launched and they do not have the expected success, the only destiny is to pass away. That will happen with Threads, the app Instagram companion that will cease to exist in December 2021, after two years.

Threads is an Instagram messaging application that allowed not only to send messages, but also to maintain a multimedia type of contact first with the list of “close friends” of the social network, and eventually, with anyone. Basically, Threads went to Instagram what Messenger is to Facebook: instant messaging on the confines of a single social network.

However, despite its theoretical usefulness, Threads never caught on, at least not at the main application level. Therefore, Meta has confirmed to TechCrunch that it will cease to exist and that its main characteristics (and at the time unique) will be integrated into the messaging that already exists on Instagram.

“We know that people care to be connected with their close friends and we have seen how the sending of messages within Instagram has grown,” Meta said in a statement. Therefore, Threads will go down in history and its functionality will remain present on Instagram, to avoid users having to jump between one application and another.

Either way, there won’t be many users who use both and who will miss Threads. Based on the Sensor Tower numbers, the app It adds only 13 million downloads combined between iOS and Android, a very low number next to the hundreds of millions that Instagram has.

The demise of Threads is a kind reminder that even companies as large as Facebook can make mistakes with applications that very few people use.

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