Saturday, December 10

Instagram condemns the Russian state media with the ice law | Digital Trends Spanish

As part of the “efforts” of Goal To “keep people in Ukraine and Russia safe and reduce the spread of misinformation,” Instagram seeks to condemn Russian media to irrelevance.

“Specifically, we are reducing the rank of Russian state-controlled media posts in the news section and placing them at the end of the Stories,” the social network’s parent company reported.

In particular, the platform defines them as those whose editorial control “depends partially or totally on their government.” Against them, in addition, he ordered the elimination of links.

Similarly, Instagram is displaying notices before users share content from such accounts, “letting them know that the content comes from Russian state-controlled media.” If, however, the person decides to do so, Instagram will place it at the end of any of its spaces.

There is another harsh retaliation taken apropos of the Moscow-orchestrated invasion of Ukrainian territory: “We are not recommending the postings of Russian state-controlled media accounts on Explore or Reels, and we are making these accounts more difficult.” to find in Search”.

In the same way, the sister platform of Facebook and WhatsApp also decided to hide the following and the followers of Russian and Ukrainian private accounts. “We’re also highlighting tools like ‘Your Activity’ and ‘Download Your Info,’” so users can delete posted content, like photos and videos, as well as their reactions and comments.

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