Thursday, October 28

Instagram has a tool to find popular places | Digital Trends Spanish

Instagram now looks a bit like Google Maps. The social network has just released a new function with which we can find popular places and businesses close to our location.

This new map of popular places has just been released in Spain (and other countries in Europe) and is expected to arrive in Latin America soon. To start using it, you just need to have the app updated to the latest version. If you still do not see it available, do not worry, little by little it is being deployed for everyone and you will be able to access it.

Once you have your app updated, go to the Search tab, marked with a magnifying glass icon. This tab is the one that allows us to search for users, hashtags or places. In the top margin, just to the right of the search box, you will see a map icon. If you click on it you will directly access the new popular places function.

This service works by the location of your phone, so remember to grant permission to access it on Instagram if you want to use it. When the ‘Popular Places’ section opens it will show places of interest near where you are with their locations, the posts they have been tagged in and the price range of their services or products.

In addition to searching for popular places in your location, you also have the ability to search for them anywhere else on the planet. To do this, you just have to go to the Explore tab and click on the location icon in the search bar. Now enter the name of the city or region you want to go to and select its name. You will see a new page with a map and a button that says ‘Explore nearby places’ et voilà, You will see all the popular places of the place as well as the indications relative to each one.

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