Monday, October 25

Instagram will inform you if it suffers from technical problems | Digital Trends Spanish

Shortly after suffering the most important global crash in its history, Instagram announces a new function with which it will keep users informed of their system status.

As explained by the company it’s a statement, they are testing a new function with which they will report any failure or technical problem of the service within their own feed activity of the app. The social network says that this new function is in the initial testing phase in the United States and it could still take some time to fully develop and reach other territories.

This is not the only function that the company plans to integrate in the coming months, as it has also announced in the same statement that it is developing a tool called “account status.” With it, the social network will be able to inform the user if their account runs the risk of being temporarily suspended or disabled for failing to comply with the rules of the service. Instagram will allow us to appeal if we believe you have made a mistake in this regard. To do this, you will enable an option to request a review directly from this section.

It is expected that in addition to these news, Instagram will soon take measures regarding the use of its platform by the youngest. Specifically, it has announced that it will introduce some tools whose purpose is to keep adolescents away from harmful content and excessive use of the social network. To do this, the service will detect when a teenager watches potentially harmful content for too long and will send them a notification to remind them to take a break.

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