Tuesday, September 26

Instagram will now ask you about your race or ethnicity | Digital Trends Spanish

This July 28 Instagram announced that it will start asking some US users for race and ethnicity data to study how different groups experience the platform, the company says in a statement. a blog post.

A random assortment of Instagram users will get a pop-up in the app that leads to a survey asking about their race and ethnicity, organized by the YouGov research group. Answering the questions is optional, and Instagram says the answers “will not limit the experiences you have on Instagram, including impacting your reach or how people interact with your content in any way.”

In a video message Posted today, Instagram boss Adam Mosseri said collecting the data will help the platform find ways to make Instagram better for users.

“If we’re going to make sure Instagram is fair and equitable as an experience, we need to understand how it’s working for different communities,” he says.

“This information will allow us to better understand the experiences different communities have on Instagram, how our technology may affect different groups, and whether there are changes we can make to promote fairness,” the blog reads. “For example, the analysis we do with this information could help us better understand the experiences that different communities may have when it comes to how we classify content.”

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