Monday, August 8

Instagram will verify age and identity with AI and video selfies | Digital Trends Spanish

In Instagram They are concerned about the massification of profiles of minors, which is why they announced that from now on they will use AI facial recognition systems and video selfies for identity verification before creating an account.

This is how it will work. When an Instagram user tries to edit her date of birth on the service to be 18 or older, Instagram will ask them to verify her age. There will be several ways to do this, including uploading an ID or asking three mutual friends to verify their age.

The most interesting way to do this, however, is to upload a selfie video. Instagram will then deliver the video to its partner, Yoti, a company that uses AI to verify the user’s age.

Instagram says that Yoti trains its AI on “anonymous images of various people around the world who have transparently allowed Yoti to use their data and who can ask Yoti to delete their data at any time.” And for people under the age of 13, Yoti collected data with parents or guardians who gave their explicit consent.

According to a “white paper” document posted on its website, yoti says that their AI has an accuracy rate of 2.96 years for people ages 6 to 70 (meaning that’s how far it will err, on average), and this accuracy rate improves for narrower age groups. The company also says that users are not individually identifiable, and that gender and skin tone bias is “minimised.”

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