Sunday, September 25

Integration agreements are closed to boost the Argentine nuclear sector

The event was held at NASA headquarters and was attended by the president of that company, José Luis Antúnez, the president of the CNEA, Adriana Serquis, the president of IEASA, Agustín Gerez, the president and CEO of Dioxitek , Santiago Sartori, and the general manager of IEASA, Gastón Leydet.

“The National State is committed to the growth of the nuclear sector through its strategic actors, who provide a clean and safe source to the national electricity generation matrix and have a very important impact on Argentine technological and industrial development,” said the undersecretary of Electric Power, Federico Basualdo.

The agreement between NASA and IEASA provides for the training of personnel for the operation, maintenance and programming of the José de San Martín and Manuel Belgrano thermoelectric plants by Nucleoeléctrica Argentina, while also contemplating joint activities between the companies in areas such as Quality and Environment Guarantee, Social Responsibility, among others.

On the other hand, Nucleoeléctrica signed a framework collaboration agreement for ten years for the provision of technological assistance services by CNEA for nuclear power plants in operation, as well as for the provision of assistance services to its Nuclear Project Management Unit . Likewise, a joint work was agreed on the use of fuel elements with slightly enriched uranium, the storage of spent fuel elements, the development of suppliers for import substitution and knowledge management, among other aspects.

Finally, NASA signed a contract with Dioxitek for the supply of 220 tons of uranium concentrate (UOC) for the subsequent manufacture of fuel elements for the Atucha I, Atucha II and Embalse nuclear power plants, during the year 2022 and part of 2023.