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Intel Arc Pro is real: three workstation GPUs revealed | Digital Trends Spanish

Intel has three new graphics cards coming soon, but they don’t include arc alchemist game that you probably had in mind. The company has just announced the Intel Arc Pro A series, a new line of discrete graphics cards made for professionals.

Announced at SIGGRAPH 2022, the range includes the Arc Pro A30M for mobile workstations and the Arc Pro A40 and Arc Pro A50.

It seems that the previous rumors were true: in fact, there is an Intel Arc Pro line, and the company has just officially introduced it. With three new GPUs coming soon, Intel is entering the workstation market with its discrete graphics cards.

Intel said that the new GPUs were made to meet the requirements of all kinds of professional software. This includes applications within the design, manufacturing, media, entertainment, architecture, engineering, and construction segments.

Although the exact specifications of these new workstation GPUs have yet to be revealed, we do know that the Arc Pro A30M will find its way into portable workstations and the other two will find their way into compact desktops. One more thing we know is that the Arc Pro A40 is a single slot GPU and the Arc Pro A50 is a dual slot model. Given the naming convention, we expect these to be entry-to-mid-range options, as Intel’s flagship Arc GPU is the A770.

Intel promises support for all the latest technologies used by professionals. All new graphics cards feature built-in ray tracing, AV1 hardware encoding acceleration, and machine learning capabilities. This includes the widely used Blender, as well as several open source libraries included in the Intel oneAPI Rendering Toolkit.

Intel is demonstrating the cards in a few different applications during the SIGGRAPH this year, marking the first time the Arc Pro has been performed live in public. The manufacturer will show off its new product, and more precisely its hardware-accelerated artificial intelligence (AI) capabilities, at Topaz Video Enhance AI, a software that improves video quality and resolution.

Topaz Intel demo, comparing the quality of two images.

The GPUs will also be seen running Trimble’s SketchUp, a 3D design application often used for architectural purposes. This will be done to show that even an entry-level workstation running an Arc Pro GPU will be able to perform these tasks due to hardware-accelerated ray tracing and hardware-assisted AI through Intel’s XeSS.

You don’t have to be there in person to see what Intel Arc Pro can do: Intel has little previews on its official Web site with sliders that allow you to compare “before” with “after”. Topaz-enhanced video loses some of its colors and contrast, but it comes out much less grainy. SketchUp Preview converts a drawing into a realistic-looking render.

Intel Arc Pro A-series graphics cards will be available at an undisclosed time later this year. For now, there is no information on the prices, however. Since we are also awaiting the official and global launch of the Intel Arc lineup made for consumers, it now appears that Intel will release several GPUs before the year is out.

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