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Intel confirms arrival of Arc GPUs in the first quarter of 2022 | Digital Trends Spanish

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intel confirmed that its first Arc Alchemist graphics cards will hit the market during the first quarter of 2022 in laptops.

In mid-2021, Intel unveiled its line of Intel Arc graphics cards, with which it will seek to compete in the graphics card market, currently dominated by Nvidia and AMD.

You’ve all been patient, and the first wave of #IntelArc GPUs are launching soon for notebooks. Desktops and workstations will soon follow! https://t.co/rXgX9dGEL1 pic.twitter.com/F6ubSUzSHM

— Intel Graphics (@IntelGraphics) February 17, 2022

Intel added that Arc Alchemist graphics cards for desktops will arrive in Q2, while GPUs for workstations will be available in Q3. The first of these models will be the Intel Arc DG2, and will have different configurations.

Intel has withheld details, but during its mid-2021 presentation it said features from next-generation graphics cards, such as ray tracing and the ability to display variable refresh rates, will be supported. He also said that they will have techniques to improve the image based on artificial intelligence techniques, similar to the DLSS used by Nvidia GPUs.

Despite the lack of official information, an alleged information card was recently leaked showing the characteristics of these cards. Two of these models, the DG2 SKU4 and SKU5 would be the GPUs that will debut in the first quarter in laptops.

The company also said it will have a service that will allow users to access these graphics cards “as a service” through a project known as Endgame. Intel didn’t provide details, but said it will be available “later this year.”

The service is likely to be similar to GeForce Now, Nvidia’s service that makes use of high-end GTX graphics cards so gamers can play their PC games by streaming them to a TV or PC using high-end hardware. .

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