Monday, May 16

Intel prepares to enter the world of Bitcoin mining strong with “Bonanza Mine”, a high-efficiency ASIC

Intel, one of the largest integrated circuit manufacturers in the world, would be about to enter the world of dedicated hardware for cryptocurrency mining with a Ultra-low voltage, high power efficiency ASIC.

The news comes from the agenda of the International Conference on Solid State Circuits (ISSCC, for its acronym in English) in which Intel is scheduled the presentation of “Mine Bonanza”, a solution for Bitcoin mining.

Cryptocurrency mining, but not with ARC graphics cards

Intel Vice President and General Manager of Graphics Raja Koduri has already I had made it clear at the end of last year: the company wants your ARC graphics cards reach the hands of the players and that they do not get lost along the way because of the mining farms.

Under this premise, the executive assured that Intel was working on dedicated hardware for cryptocurrency mining, although he limited himself to not providing more details about it. From that moment everything was a mystery, until now.

The new hint about Intel’s cryptocurrency mining solution comes indirectly with the release of the ISSCC conference agenda, an event that brings together the main players in the global semiconductor industry.

as can be seen in the program, Intel has a reserved spot within the “Featured Chip Releases” category to feature “Bonanza mine: an ultra-low-voltage, energy-efficient Bitcoin mining ASIC“.

The text says little else and leaves all the attention on the text. Wednesday February 23, day in which we could see Intel’s proposal to face companies like Canaan, BitFury and Bitmain that have offered this type of hardware for years.

What is an ASIC?

When Bitcoin was taking its first steps, it was possible to mine with a standard CPU, but over time this became more complicated. Graphics cards displaced CPUs in efficiency and later came FPGAs and ASICs.

Canaan Asic 1

ASICs are devices designed for specific applications, in this case, cryptocurrency mining. Your hardware is optimized to generate much more hashrate than a traditional CPU or GPU with equivalent power consumption, although its price is very high.

Currently there is a wide variety of companies that offer their ASIC solutions to mine cryptocurrencies, although these devices, like graphics cards, are not easy to come by. Now it only remains to wait to see how Intel influences this scenario.

Image | Intel | Canaan

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