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Intel VP says using cryptocurrencies in metaverse will be awesome

Intel Senior Vice President Raja M. Koduri gave an interview where he shared the company’s vision of the metaverse.

In addition to the company’s VP, Koduri is the general manager of the Accelerated Computing (AXG) Systems and Graphics Group, also at Intel Corporation. He currently leads a business unit tasked with providing high-performance computing and graphics solutions primarily for enterprises.

In the past, Koduri has worked for AMD and Apple in their graphics chip divisions. In other words, its relationship with basic computing is the holder of great knowledge, used to explain about a booming sector in the 2021 market, the metaverse.

Intel’s VP believes that for metaverse to become reality, technology has to evolve a thousandfold

Many people want to enter the metaverse and start having digital experiences already. Bill Gates, founder of Microsoft, even drew plans that in the coming years company meetings will be held in these environments.

However, a “bucket of cold water” was thrown at many of these innovation fans eagerly awaiting news, in an interview with an Intel VP at Quartz.

Raja Koduri said he understands the fundamentals of the metaverse, as does Intel, but that the infrastructure to fully support this functionality must evolve a thousandfold.

According to him, personal computers are getting better, as are smartphone devices. Even the cloud was one of the highlights of the executive, who believes that even so everything is not enough for the metaverse to be widely used.

One of the necessary steps for processing the metaverse’s graphics is precisely the improvement of the chips, something that has been sought after in the last five years. In other words, even with Facebook starting its journey into space now in 2021, Koduri indicates that Intel has had an eye on the metaverse for five years and on how to build chips for the market.

“Once we build the metaverse roads, then it will be possible to have fun in this market. We’ll start deployments in 2022, but it’s a four to five year journey for computing to be really fast.”

“It will be awesome to use cryptocurrencies in the metaverse”

With an eye on the metaverse’s future, Raja told QZ that he hopes the space will be much more than just a meeting place. According to him, people will be able to have several interactions and even carry out missions together, in games with scores and the like.

Asked about the role of WEB 3.0 and its concept of decentralization being interconnected with the metaverse, Intel’s VP stated that he hopes to use cryptocurrencies in the environment, which will be amazing.

“This is also a hot topic. But I believe that decentralizing computing and the mechanisms by which we can transact much more easily between each other will help us proliferate the metaverse. So that element of web3, decentralization, and also if we use cryptocurrency as it exists today or some other form, some form of microtransaction payment system that is being integrated into the protocols, it will be amazing.”

The engineer also highlighted that the blockchain will be essential for the metaverse. Despite this, the lack of chips in the world and some other challenges in technology must be resolved if the expected metaverse is to receive mass adoption.

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