Sunday, October 2

Intel will withdraw jobs and wages from its unvaccinated employees | Digital Trends Spanish

Intel will clamp down on employees who have not been vaccinated against COVID-19.

As reported Abc news, the manufacturer has confirmed that all workers on its staff who have not been vaccinated before January 4 and have not requested a medical or religious exemption will be forced to take unpaid leave, that is, their employment and salary would be withdrawn.

According to the source media, Intel will study the workers’ exemption requests until March 15. Those without a valid exemption will begin their leave without pay starting April 4. This measure will be extended for a minimum period of three months, but they will not be fired.

To carry out these measures Intel is appealing to the congressional mandate for federal contractors on the COVID-19 vaccine. This mandate is being controversial after a federal judge in Georgia issued a nationwide court order, preventing the U.S. government from enforcing it, although the government is already appealing.

With this announcement Intel joins other companies such as Google that has also taken similar measures. A recently leaked memo from top company executives indicates that employees had until December 3 to declare their immunization status and prove it with evidence, or apply for a medical or religious exemption.

After that deadline, Google will begin contacting workers who have not been shown to be vaccinated and those whose exemption requests were not approved. Those who have not complied with the vaccination rules required by Google before January 18 will be removed from their job for 30 days. After that period, their employment and salary would be withdrawn for up to six months and then their contract with the company would end.

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