Monday, February 26

Interior dismisses the policeman from the hoax about immigrants in a Vox act from his position at the head of a Valencia police station

The General Directorate of the Police has ordered the immediate dismissal of Rafael Ferris at the head of the Valencia Center district police station after he spread several hoaxes about immigrants and crime in a public event organized by Vox, they have advanced to sources from the Ministry of the Interior. Ferris, who is a chief inspector, held the position on secondment, that is, it was not his position because of his opposition and he was assigned there by administrative decision.

In addition, Ferris is the subject of confidential information, prior to the possible opening of a disciplinary file. This is a preliminary investigation to determine if there are indications of regulatory misconduct. If so, the Disciplinary Regime appoints an instructor and a secretary who open the file and conclude, after months of investigations, in a proposal to file or sanction for minor, serious or very serious misconduct.

The chief inspector in charge of the National Police station assured last Friday in the aforementioned act that “practically all of the detainees made by the Police and the Civil Guard are foreigners”, in clear contradiction with the data of the Central Registry of Prisoners , which establishes a ratio of one foreigner for every three Spaniards convicted.

In 2021, 410,842 crimes were committed in Spain, according to the Central Registry of Prisoners. A total of 308,969 were committed by Spaniards and the rest (101,873) by foreigners. Of these foreigners, 32,696 are of African origin, a lower proportion than those from Latin America. In total, according to these same data, there were 282,210 people sentenced, of which 212,259 were of Spanish nationality and 69,951 were foreigners.

Despite this, and in front of a publicly accessible auditorium, Ferris said in Valencia: “Practically all of the detainees made by the Police and the Civil Guard are foreigners.” About the more than 300,000 Spaniards who were arrested for committing a crime, Ferris said: It does not exist. No longer exists. And come on, in other police stations exactly the same. Me when I hear those percentages, 30, 40, 50… It seems absurd to me, it has absolutely nothing to do with reality because unfortunately today, practically all the detainees made by the Police and the Civil Guard, they are foreigners, people who come from abroad, in the broader sense of the word than they can imagine“.

The second statement by the policeman, which collides with the reality of the migrants who risk their lives, sometimes for years, to reach Europe through the Spanish coasts, speaks of the origin of these people. “All those who come in small boats are ex-prisoners, they have just been released from prison and they are arriving here and we cannot explain how. They are not only bequeathing criminals and ex-convicts to Spain by Algeria, ”he assured.