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Interior excludes Nueva Canarias, a partner of the PSOE in the regional government, from the registration of political parties

Nueva Canarias has not appeared since last year in the registry of political parties of the Ministry of the Interior, but the formation assures that it knew it just a few days ago. “This whole issue has surprised us very much,” said the party’s Secretary of Organization, Carmelo Ramírez, on Monday afternoon. According to a resolution ratified on August 12, 2021 by the Deputy Director General of Internal Policy and Electoral Processes, we proceed to “cancel the registration of the party called Nueva Canarias and make the appropriate entry in the registration and cancellation book”. In said document, it is alleged that in October 2020 “the lack of adaptation” of the statutes of said formation was detected, as required by the law on political parties. For this reason, they proceeded to request the State Attorney “to file the corresponding demand for judicial termination before the Central Contentious-Administrative Court.”

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The resolution was made public by Nueva Canarias this Wednesday after the newspaper The province anticipated that the party no longer appears in the registry search engine, although it highlighted that the reasons for this exclusion were due to the fact that their accounts had not been submitted for three years in a row. The Interior document states that on June 8, 2021, the Contentious-Administrative Court number 5 declared “the judicial extinction” of this party. A sentence that was declared firm on July 20 of that same year.

NC alleges that it has not been able to defend itself

Ramírez has indicated this Wednesday to the media that the party feels “helpless” since “it did not receive any request”. For this reason, he could not appear in the case since he never knew of its existence, a cause that also “affects fundamental rights,” he remarked. Although the formation remains “cautious” in the face of this exclusion from the registry, he points out that “no one of those responsible for leading the party was aware of it”, for which he describes the events as “serious”.

The Secretary of Organization stresses that this same Tuesday access to the file will be requested. Likewise, he insists that the party did send the update of the statutes after the celebration of its fourth congress in 2017. “The required information was sent in a timely manner,” he insisted. In June of this year he assures that the statutes of his last congress were also sent, in which the political force was refounded as “progressive canarismo”.

Nueva Canarias is a key partner in the current Government of the Canary Islands, where it holds the vice presidency. The party’s leader, Román Rodríguez, is Vice President and Minister of the Treasury. In addition, it is a party with an important presence in councils and town halls. Until a few weeks ago, it had a national deputy, but it has been replaced by a deputy from Nueva Canarias as a result of the electoral agreement reached in 2019 for the general elections. Ramírez has insisted on how strange he is with this issue and has affirmed that during this time Nueva Canarias has continued to receive the subsidy from the Ministry of the Interior that corresponds to him for his representation in the institutions.

Delay in the presentation of the accounts

The Secretary of Organization has recognized, however, that Nueva Canarias had not sent the information from its accounting in the years 2018, 2019 and 2020, although he insisted that this is not the reason why the registration of the party was canceled. In addition, on this issue he assured that an extension was requested from the Interior to catch up with the sending of those accounts and that by not answering he considers that the extension was “accepted” due to “administrative silence”.

“Nueva Canarias has always complied with all legal obligations,” said Ramírez, adding that they are “a small party with limited infrastructure,” since they have few human resources. In this he justifies the delay in submitting the accounting for those years in accordance with the 2015 law, which establishes a deadline for political formations to be up to date. “This is not just an NC issue,” he added.

Ramírez also alleged that it is a “small” party that works with militancy and volunteers, having gone through five electoral processes in a short time, the slowdown caused by the pandemic or the fact that it has changed headquarters, something that may be related. with not having received the notification. However, he stressed that if the Ministry of the Interior wanted to locate them, it could have done so, for example, by using the home address of each of the organization’s leaders, information that appears in the deeds sent by the party.

The formation rules out that there are greater consequences

The Secretary of Organization has been confident this Monday that this problem will not generate major consequences and can be corrected once explanations are requested this Tuesday from the Interior, since today has coincided with a holiday in many parts of the country, among them Madrid.

Likewise, Ramírez has denied that Nueva Canarias “has disappeared” as a political party since this does not imply its illegalization. “That does not imply the extinction of a political force, if we are now excluded from the registration of political parties, it does not mean that NC has been outlawed, that then it would not have legal personality, and this is not the case,” he pointed out. On how it would affect him in the face of elections, he insisted that he hopes this issue will be resolved and that there is time ahead. Precisely, both this party and the PSOE have denied that there will be an early election in this autonomous community.

“I insist that until now we have not been able to appear in person because we have not been aware of the issue,” concluded Ramírez, who assured that he is “in a prudent position” and that he has not been able to appear in person because they have not been notified. “I hope that this will not have economic, political or legal consequences,” he added. Regarding the electoral coalitions with other organizations, he pointed out that the independence of each one is total. Each party is obliged to comply with what the law says, whether or not it goes to an election,” he detailed.

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