Thursday, December 1

Interior responds to the Prosecutor’s Office that has already sent all the videos of the Melilla tragedy

After the request sent by the Prosecutor’s Office to the Ministry of the Interior, in which it claimed all the official images of the Melilla tragedy, the Civil Guard Command of the autonomous city has sent “an expanded report” to respond to the request .

Given the suspicion of the Public Ministry that part of the audiovisual material captured that day by the security cameras had not been provided, the letter from the department directed by Fernando Grande-Marlaska defends that there are no more videos, but that the images previously sent already “they collect all the events in their entirety”, according to ministerial sources.

The prosecutor of the Immigration Chamber, Beatriz Sánchez, in charge of this open investigation into the tragedy, requested the material from the Ministry due to the temporary jumps that she has detected in the images sent, some of them at key moments and that prevent seeing clearly what that happened on June 24 at the Melilla fence, as reported by Cadena Ser.

The Ministry of the Interior assures in its response that the Civil Guard deployed in Melilla “two aerial means with the capacity to capture images in real time – a helicopter and a drone-” with the aim of supporting ground devices. According to them, “a redundant system was established, through the image capturing devices of the Civil Guard helicopter and drone, with which at all times it was possible to have at least one camera recording, thus maintaining uninterrupted support aerial”.

Interior sources indicate that his response explains “the technical reasons that show that all available material was included in the original shipments.”

In addition to the investigation by the Prosecutor’s Office, the Ombudsman maintains another investigation open. Ángel Gabilondo’s team was also awaiting a response from the Interior, in reference to the videos that, in his opinion, were missing from the material previously sent to the body, as well as a series of information requested from the Ministry. During the morning of this Tuesday, the Secretary of State for Security has sent a letter to the Ombudsman “responding to the recommendations” made.

Four months after the tragedy, the official recordings have not yet been released in full, despite criticism of the Interior’s management at the Melilla fence and after the published information, which contradicts the version of Marlaska and the security forces. Spanish security.

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