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Interior will create specific groups for hate crimes in the Police and Civil Guard

Interior will create specific groups for hate crimes in the information units of the Police and the Civil Guard. It is one of the measures that have been decided to be incorporated into the Action Plan to Fight Hate Crimes at the meeting of the monitoring commission that Pedro Sánchez chaired this Friday. The call for that body – in charge of designing the 2022-2024 strategy to combat those crimes that have been on the rise in Spain in recent years – came after the complaint of an alleged homophobic attack in Madrid that later turned out to be false.

The Government demands that the false complaint not be used to deny the increase in homophobic violence

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The generalized creation of these groups for hate crimes is one of the measures of that plan, which will make assistance and support to victims one of its main priorities with measures that, according to the press release issued by the Ministry of the Interior after the meeting, they have yet to be finalized. In the investigation of the complaint produced this week and which led to the urgent call for the meeting, agents from the Provincial Police Information Brigade were incorporated, which is a group specialized in terrorism and crimes of radical organizations and which is also in charge of the hate crimes.

The Secretary of State for Security recently issued an instruction, as a result of the crime in A Coruña of Samuel Luiz, on the investigations of hate crimes that was applied from the first moment in the case of the complaint of the aggression in Madrid. That instruction indicated that in the event that a single indicator appears that points to an assault due to discrimination, the police investigation should focus from the beginning to clarify whether it is a hate crime.

The Government strives to demand that the resolution of the Malasaña neighborhood case is not used to deny the increase in homophobic violence. Hate crimes experience a 9% annual growth since 2014, according to the Executive.

In addition to improving the investigative capacity of the State Security Forces and Bodies, the Interior is committed to strengthening its “coordination mechanisms” with the regional and local police forces. “Crime prevention will be focused on through the development of risk assessment tools, a procedure that is already applied in the VioGén Comprehensive Follow-up System in cases of Gender Violence,” says the note, which also points out that the commission The follow-up has approved the increase in personal resources – which it does not detail – of the National Office for the Fight against Hate Crimes, created in 2018.

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