Saturday, May 21

International congress on cannabis will be held in Costa Rica this week

Costa Rica will host this week the first edition of an international congress on cannabis called Cannabis Science & Industry Congress, organized by the Costa Rican company Roco Plants, together with public entities such as the Ministry of Agriculture and Livestock (MAG) and the National Institute for Research and Transfer of Agricultural Technology (INTA).

From Thursday, January 27 to Saturday, January 29, a group of exhibitors from Spain and from countries such as Peru, Colombia, the United States, Canada, Ireland, Singapore and Spain will share their professional experiences in the agricultural, industrial and medicinal fields at Parque Viva, in The Guacima of Alajuela.

The objective of the event is to help Costa Rica in the process of adaptation and education about the science and technology behind the cannabis industry.

The Legislative Assembly approved, on January 13, the bill 21,388 that proposes the use of medicinal cannabis and industrial hemp in the country.

“Costa Rica is just beginning to specialize, however, this industry has been developed for several decades in other countries,” said Alonso Castro, a member of the congress organization.

Said bill, however, is still pending the signature of the President of the Republic, Carlos Alvarado, who expressed in recent days that the Executive is analyzing the text.

According to Arturo Solórzano, director of INTA, the holding of the congress after the approval of the law is a coincidence, since he assured that the activity has been planned for months. However, he stressed that it means an ideal time to publicize this industry.

“It could be a moment for many of those who still want to know what the objective of the cannabis project is at the world level, to share and discuss the expectations that Costa Rica could develop regarding this crop,” he commented.

The use of cannabis in cancer or the HIV virus, cannabis in women’s health, or the CBD market are some of the topics that will be discussed at the event, as indicated in the agenda official. In addition to the presentation, the idea is that each expert can spend a few minutes answering any questions that attendees may have.

The congress is aimed at people from the industry, whether they are participating or interested in it. The range of professions involved ranges from health workers or scientists to construction, textiles, cosmetics or export.

The organizers expect a maximum of 2,000 attendees per day. To participate you must acquire a membership that gives different access rights, either one, two or three days. Prices range from $22 to $113.

A few days ago, INTA announced that during the congress it will present the main results of the research on hemp in Costa Rica that was carried out between 2020 and 2021. In that period, the adaptability of twelve hemp cultivars was evaluated at the experimental stations of the INTA in Cañas and Guápiles.

“The preliminary results showed that the cannabinoid levels of the harvested plants are between the values ​​reported for each cultivar. In addition, it was determined that the cultivation of hemp requires a high demand for labor to ensure the proper development of the cultivars,” INTA said in a press release.

Solórzano said that the decision to present the results at the congress was made due to the diverse and broad participation of specialists on the subject.

In addition, he mentioned that the country should start a training process for the agricultural and producer sector around issues that arose as a result of that INTA investigation.

The hierarch added that 11 different institutions of the agricultural sector are working on building a proposal for the regulation of the law approved in the Legislative Assembly, in which the Ministry of Health will also participate.

According to Castro, a member of the congress organization, the next event of this type is planned for within 10 months.