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Internet explodes against Logan Paul for “drowning” 15 Game Boy consoles | Digital Trends Spanish

Controversial influencer Logan Paul did his thing again. This time he “drowned” —this is how a person on Twitter described his action— 15 Game Boy Color consoles in epoxy resin to form a decorative table allusive to Pokémon.

first epoxy resin project… GameBoy Colors & amp; a metal Pokémon frame made for a nice little tabletop 😮

& mdash; Logan Paul (@LoganPaul) December 26, 2021

Paul, an influencer questioned by play pranks on players of Pokemon go and by display the corpse of a person in Japan’s suicide forest, received several negative comments after showing on social networks how he made his table.

Some of the negative comments they criticized Paul for “wasting and putting happiness in epoxy resin”, while another said that the influencer “drowned” increasingly rare and expensive handheld consoles because they are no longer produced.

Other comments are less inflammatory and say that the influencer could well have used imitation or custom cases for his table instead of using original and, apparently, functional consoles. And it is that in recent years it has become common for old consoles, including the Game Boy, to be restored with custom parts offered in China through the Aliexpress portal.

However, it is also true that Paul simply made use of his freedom. If he wanted to put 15 Game Boy consoles in epoxy resin, from which they will hardly come out without having their components damaged (we do not know if Paul removed the electrical plate before “drowning” them), that is fine. In the same way, criticism shows that the internet is increasingly a place where one can do nothing without being criticized or praised.

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