Wednesday, September 27

Interpol asks Abu Dhabi to arrest the arms dealer who regularly visits the king emeritus

Interpol has asked Abu Dhabi to immediately arrest the Spanish-Lebanese arms merchant Abdul Rahman El Assir, who has been wanted internationally since 2019 for failing to stand trial for defrauding the Treasury of 14.7 million Spanish, as reported by El País this Wednesday. The 71-year-old merchant has been living in the capital of the United Arab Emirates for months and is one of the usual companions of the emeritus king, Juan Carlos I.

His whereabouts were unknown since he refused to appear before the Spanish Justice in 2018 until an investigation by El País revealed the visits of Abdul Rahman El Assir to the residence in Abu Dhabi of the emeritus, citing eyewitnesses.

The Interpol order to request the authorities to locate him and detain him pending extradition has been processed by the office of that organization in Madrid after that the Fugitive Brigade of the National Police activate the channels of international cooperation after the information from El País.

The Interpol office in the capital of the United Arab Emirates has already transferred the notification to the Police of that country. In Spain, the Prosecutor’s Office asks that he be sentenced to eight years in prison and the payment of almost 90 million.

The friendship between the two is public and dates back to the eighties. As reported by El País, when asked about the merchant’s visits to the emeritus from the Royal House, they responded that the private activities of Juan Carlos I do not depend on this institution and his lawyer, Javier Sánchez Junco, refused to speak.