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Interview with Norberto P Giudice @CriptoNorber, Crypto Referent of the Year

Los Cripto247 Awards, presented by IOVLabs, our annual survey in which a large number of our readers responded and chose the highlights of 2021 in recognition of what best of the crypto year, came to an end.

Bitcoin and Solana were chosen as the Best Crypto Assets of 2021, The Bitcoin Law of El Salvador was the News of the year.

In the next category, Crypto benchmark of the year, a distinction that in 2020 was awarded to Diego Gutiérrez Zaldivar, in 2021, the recognition of our readers went to Norberto P Judge @CriptoNorber: eAmong a large number of referents, @Criptonorber swept over 20% of the votes, quite a record!

creator of the YouTube channel CryptoNorber, where he publishes Educational Content on Blockchain Technology, Bitcoin, Cryptocurrencies and Investments, in addition to evaluating technologies and advising on Investments and Trading, Norberto P Judge He is a computer engineer and has been in the crypto ecosystem for 8 years, when he started mining cryptocurrencies.

Cripto247 spoke with the winner of the recognition as Crypto Referent of the Region -2021-

Recognition is an honor, especially coming from the Cripto247 community. A community that knows about cryptocurrencies and investments, which is much more valuable. I am totally grateful.

How do you see the crypto market for this year? Will we have a year of high spikes and big corrections like 2021? Or due to increasing adoption, or institutional investments, will we have a more “quiet” year, with no moves hyper abrupt?


I’m not sure what’s going to happen in 2022 and 2023. But in 2024 we will have the next Bitcoin halving and surely after that event we will have a new bull market. With which I would hope that this year and the next we will have a couple of small bear markets. This way, we know that if we hold onto the next bull market we will end up winning. And if not, whoever wants to take advantage, and has liquidity, will be able to buy “the dip” at that time. The context of bitcoin and cryptocurrencies today has changed a lot. It is not comparable to previous cycles. Even so, I think there will be a bear market, which may not be such a steep drop, but where BTC will go down and then go up after the 2024 halving.


What crypto projects do you see with the greatest growth/strength for 2022 and for the next few years?


Luna and the entire Terra ecosystem have been growing a lot, very strongly. Solana also had a special growth in everything that has to do with collectible NFTs. I like CRO, from Crypto.com, who have been doing a great job on their DeFi platform. Matic will continue to grow, especially with the news of Ethereum and the displacement of what will be the proof of stake later. Algorand seems to me a very good project. It is a blockchain that has a lot of super efficient capabilities, low costs and good speed. And of course and everything that has to do with the metaverses, very fashionable now, with SAND and MANA.


What do you think about NFTs? Are they a bubble or smoke bomb, as their detractors call them, or is there really a potential for development and massiveness there?


I don’t like the word bubble very much because it’s a derogatory term, but it is true that there are many NFT projects, Play2Earn games and everything that has to do with metaverses, which are having a value far above what is logical. And any project is succeeding, when in reality not all projects are going to stay. There are some like MANA, Decentraland or SAND that are very established and have solid projects. I have a video on my channel with a fundamental analysis in which I review one by one the points to be evaluated for each case.

Regarding NFTs and works of art, you have to understand what use they will have, if they have any use. Even if it is within a game or within a metaverse, they must have a utility and a sustainable economy over time.


What advice do you give to those who have not yet entered the crypto ecosystem but want to? What is the way? How do you enter the “crypto world” of bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies?


I am quite impatient, so I would do practice and theory at the same time. In practice, the most important thing is that they download a wallet, that they learn what the keywords are, etc. And that they make some first small purchase of some cryptocurrency. I would start with bitcoin. I would not advise starting with unknown or high risk altcoins. The ideal is to start by buying one of the top 5 cryptos. And in parallel, let them read, learn. There are very good books. I like the ones written by Andreas Antonopoulos, “Mastering bitcoin” or “Internet of Money”, both are very good and clear. And of course read Crypto247 and follow to @CryptoNorber


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In the following days we will share more results of the second edition of the Cripto247 Awards, presented by IOVLabs.


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