Monday, January 24

Introductory course on the Bitcoin network now has a Spanish version

Key facts:
  • The course has 20 levels, in which you learn everything you need to know the Bitcoin network.

  • They are considering offering short weekly seminars starting next year.

One of the courses dedicated to education about bitcoin (BTC), Learning Bitcoin, announced this week the launch of two versions of its instruction translated into Spanish and Portuguese, all in the interest of expanding knowledge of cryptocurrencies.

As indicated by Christopher Allen in an email sent to the writing of CriptoNoticias, the firm he directs, Blockchain Commons [que promueve esa actividad], released translations for free versions of «Learn Bitcoin from the Command Line».

According to explained By Blockchain Commons, Learning Bitcoin from the Command Line is made up of 20 levels, in which sysadmins, developers, and engineers who are already familiar with the UNIX command-line interface are taught, how to work with bitcoin.

Through their methodology, they teach the fundamentals of Bitcoin, from the remote procedure calls or CPR, even how transactions work and how do the scripts.

Most of the course, as they expose, focuses on bitcoin-cli (program that comes with the Bitcoin node), but there is also information on scripting, programming with the RPC interface, and using other command-line programs, starting with lightning-cli.

“We have always intended to provide a path for developers who want to join the broader Bitcoin ecosystem, and we have seen success towards that goal, with the majority of our international interns starting out on our course, and many of them have found since then I work in the field, “said Christopher Allen.

In the expert’s opinion, having more educated people in the field not only helps developers, but it facilitates “the next big transition” on the web.

With 460 million native Spanish speakers and 230 million native Portuguese speakers, and with 29 different countries where one or both is an official language, we believe that these new translations will considerably expand the scope of Learning Bitcoin’s coverage and invite many new developers working together with all of us on Bitcoin, using the international language of computer code.

Christopher Allen, fundador de Blockchains Commons.

He also adds that El Salvador’s decision to adopt BTC as legal tender makes the need more than obvious. that the course is translated.

A complete study

Specifically, Learning Bitcoin from the Command Line offers a full year of induction, so they point to their update so that everything that is talked about BTC, is “the newest”.

Additionally, they are considering offering short weekly seminars starting next year, considering individual sections of Learning Bitcoin from the Command Line and answering questions.

Meanwhile, Allen says, the “next big project” will be a major update to Learning Bitcoin from the Command Line, v3.0, to add new content about Taproot, Schnorr, miniscript and more.

Allen took advantage of the launch of the translated versions to anticipate that there are others in mind. They target the Italian. “We would love to do more translations. We believe that Italian may be the next great opportunity for expansion, “he said.

And he added that if there is a person with knowledge of Bitcoin, speaks a language other than English and wants support to help with translations and revisions, you can contact Blockchain Commons.