Tuesday, September 27

Invest in dollars: buy breeding cows and earn up to 47% in 30 months

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Omar De Lucca, the CFO of the Surmax Group.

The business model that they managed to put together is the 100% vertical integration without intermediaries, where to grow in kilos of care on a large scale, they use the Trust format for all the advantages it presents. They also make the agribusiness is accessible to anyone no matter how much he does not live in the AMBA. The Surmax Group wanted to do complete traceability in the food business and it was successful after 3 years. “We started with the rearing and rearing of calves, going through fattening, slaughter, food processing, direct sale of the finished product in boutique stores, cereal and meat exports, and tasting of our premium cuts in our own restaurants”, adds De Lucca.

The business

Let’s take a look at how it works so that stakeholders can easily understand it. Breeding cows are bought, which are those that reproduce through the bulls that serve them and generate calf calving year after year. The calves are reared based on natural pasture adding winter greens and oats. When they reach the average 210/220 kilos, those same third parties go to the fattening stage in Feed Lot, to accelerate the gain in kilos of meat and thus reach the category of Calves of 300/320 kilos to be marketed on their own boutique butchers.

The big business here is the number of calvings that that cow can give. After a certain time, usually 5 or 6 years, that cow ends up being exported to China under the category “Canned Cow”. It is a great long-term business, therefore, it is the investment project of Surmax that offers the highest return.

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Expressed in financial terms, It is about making an initial investment of just USD 600 to enter the business, buying 1 breeding cow. Then, every year there are sales of reared calves and after 2 and a half years the same cow can be sold to the market, bought with a calf at the foot of 110 kilos.

Finally, from the side of a financial business: A person who is today an average of 40 years old knows that for at least 10 years he will continue to work. By investing in Surmax in the breeding cow project, you can build an early retirement, and after 10 years it would withdraw a profit that grew exponentially during that period and would give the investor an income in dollars for life. In addition, it would be beating Argentine inflation “by a landslide”. In summary, it is compound capitalization in kilos of meat.

Profitability Offered by the Company

Expressed in terms of profitability, This project today foresees an annual TNA of 16%, with semiannual interest payment, but if the investor bets to stay at the expiration of the project, without withdrawing early and reinvesting their interest coupons at the original rate, You can earn up to 19% Annual in Dollars in 30 months (Total 47%).

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In the table it can be seen that, by reinvesting all the coupons, you are capitalizing exponentially, and your savings are growing faster than expected. Therefore, the final net return is much higher and it is an investment alternative that does not exist on the market today. The interest rate offered by Surmax.

Finally, in the adhesion contract to the Surmax Livestock Trust, the terms and conditions contemplate a clause for early withdrawal of capital in month 24, that is to say after 2 years the investor can choose to retire, or continue until month 30.

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