Thursday, January 27

Invest in IAG? Consider a fund exposed to luxury

The founding partner of Luna Sevilla Asesores Patrimoniales, José María Luna, participates in the episode corresponding to the October 27 session of the podcast closing the markets of The expert, with more than two decades of specialization in the investment fund industry, provides the keys for savers and investors to take advantage of the clear moment of entry into securities such as IAG, Aena and Meliá without going directly to the stock market.

In conversation with the director of publications of Grupo ED – editor of, Ismael García Villarejo, Luna provides a new key: to invest in IAG, you should consider entering funds built on the theme of luxury.

“The two industries go hand in hand,” he indicates, and this could qualify the risks inherent to the sector such as the rise in oil or the appearance of new variants of coronavirus.

The IBEX 35 lost 9,000 points. Progress has already been made on the October 26 episode. “It will be a flower of a day,” García advanced to the listeners. And finally it was. The bank was to blame. But despite the moment, from the frame of Wednesday’s session, the financial sector also stars in investment funds with records of up to 40 percent.

The key for Luna is to check that fintech and insurance companies combined with US and euro area banks appear in the mix.

Summary of the transcript:

  • One of the investment opportunities in the coming months may be the tourism sector. Some companies such as IAG, Aena and Meliá suffered severe punishment due to the pandemic, but their situation is stabilizing. What funds do you recommend to increase exposure?

“There are products that combine the presence of securities such as the one you are targeting (IAG) with others that benefit from the desire to reopen in the luxury sector. For example, GVC Gaesco has a fund that invests in the 300 most visited places in the world. So if large destinations, such as Rome, rebound, not only receiving tourists, but also their trade and local economy grow, many companies benefit ”.

“These funds are at the best time to take advantage of the huge savings rates. The record is not only given in Spain and in the rest of Europe. There is also excess saving in countries like Japan and in the emerging world. The combination of luxury and tourism is very interesting in the funds since more and more travelers, in addition to shopping and the places they visit, value the experience. Luxury is being redefined: it speaks more and more of the experience ”.

“In other words, what was previously understood as a product only aimed at the super-rich, is now accessible to more social layers. This is what many investors have not understood, for example, when they have penalized some securities when China has reformed, for example, to protect its middle class. Beijing wants more upper-middle class, which is the one that travels the most and the one that asks for the most experience. Also in the virtual world ”.

Banks are also on the investors’ target. Banco Santander presented a profit on Wednesday that beat market expectations.

“We arrived just in time. If we really believe that we are going towards a normalization scenario, I do not understand a portfolio diversified in an intelligent way without an adequate dose of cyclical funds with banks. Even some strict bank fund. It is true that I like more that it has a global position, but now I would also focus my shot on fintech companies ”.

“It is important not to ignore the digital revolution that is in the making as banks are buying fintechs. Banking but also insurance. And I would invite you to take a look at funds that include management companies, investment banks and other benchmarks in the financial sector ”.

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