Monday, March 4

Investigated a teacher from Boadilla for recording students in underwear for a decade

The Investigating Judge number 5 of Móstoles investigates an Arts teacher at a private school in Boadilla del Monte for allegedly recording 6th grade students for a decade in his office when they changed to go to Physical Education class, they have reported to Europa Press legal sources.

The investigation against the teacher began last June after a resident of Villanueva del Pardillo, where the teacher lives, accidentally found a digital storage device. His surprise was when he discovered that images of minors appearing in their underwear were stored inside.

The electronic device was handed over to the Civil Guard, whose investigators noticed that the anagram of the Virgen de Europa school in Boadilla del Monte appeared on the girls’ uniform, according to what the ‘Cadena Ser‘.

The ‘modus operandi’ of the alleged pedophile consisted of convincing the students that they had to change their clothes in his office to go to Physical Education class due to a temperature problem in the changing rooms. He allegedly had recording devices installed in his office, according to investigators.

After receiving the report, the Móstoles judge ordered before the summer the entry and search of the teacher’s office as part of the investigation proceedings opened for the alleged commission of a crime of possession of child pornography. The proceedings are not under summary secrecy, as the same sources have indicated to Europa Press.

free with measures

In the entry and search, the investigators seized the teacher’s computer, with numerous image storage files. He was arrested last June for a crime of possession and production of child pornography.

The detainee was brought to justice, being released with precautionary measures such as the obligation to appear before the court and the prohibition to approach the educational center and other schools, among other measures.

Nearly a dozen families of injured young people have appeared in the case and it is expected that more will join when the judge opens a period for offering shares.

The investigation of the Civil Guard is still open as the agents of the Computer Crimes Group (GDT) are viewing the large number of files stored on the seized computer devices. The agents will verify if the images were distributed in pedophile networks both nationally and internationally.